Farm parts winner

Farm parts winner

To buy cast agricultural parts from master patterns I already own

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I already have bought  a comprehensive  range  of  casting patterns  from which  agricultural wear parts are made . I already  make  fabricated  parts by a variety of  different processes  : fabrication , hot  forming , heat treating to harden .

Not having enough money to finance the purchase of these cast parts is holding my company  back from being very successful : the company  makes the manufacturers profit AND the buyers and sellers  profit  . The company  has more technical expertise  than all of it's competitors  put together !

The  foundries  I am in contact with  were specially selected  by myself  for their high quality  products and excellent prices. I have already  bought from them , sold to my  customers ( farmers )  and have excellent feedback  about how good they are , The profit margins  are exceptional .The  finance I am seeking would enable me to buy  a good  cross section  of both popular  and very profitable  parts