Faraday Tech News

Faraday Tech News

We are producing a free technology newspaper, for the people of London. 10,000 copies will be handed out at central London Tube stations.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £3,630 with 38 supporters in 28 days

We are producing a free technology newspaper for the people of London.

The content of the paper will be targeted towards people who have an intrinsic love & desire to discover more about the world of technology.

"As the digital world spins faster and faster, it can be hard to hold on. We have decided to put together a cheat sheet, so that you can quickly digest all the need-to-know information in work, life and play.

London, this is just for you…”

Our ambition is to create news that matches the pace of today’s world. The articles will be short and sweet, easy to digest and will deliver the key details in a friendly narrative.

 It will tie in with all manners of technology to gather news, but most importantly ask our community what they would like to read about! We will be utilising the vast power of social media to ask people to hunt down topics that they would like us to report on.

Bespoke illustrations will accompany every article.

To start we are going to be printing a run of 10,000 copies and distributing them around the following stations:

We have also secured distribution at the Library Club.

We will be covering the following sections:

  • Fashion

  • Business

  • Home

  • Environment

  • Luxury

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Sport


FARADAY TechNews initial sponsors and contributors include:

  • Formula E

  • The Library Club, Covent Garden

  • Plumen

  • Acronis

  • Headbox

  • Cannatella & Colletti

  • Herbert Ypma

What's this all about...

A printed-paper may seem like a strange way of communicating for digitally focused news. But just as we do with digital we also love tactile and tangible things, it is where technology can seamlessly transition from digital to the real world.

One of our favourite questions is always “have you seen this?” we love finding out where the next frontier of technology is headed and most importantly how this will effect our lives.

When we said this paper was just for you we meant it, we want you to be involved.

We are looking at your response to the news we post on twitter to see what you are most interested in. We will report on the content that gains the most interaction. If you are interested in a specific subject, send us a message and we will tackle it in the next issue. We want your contributions, we want your suggestions, we want you to feel like your insights and interests and intellect shape the next issue.

What makes the Internet so powerful is it's huge mix of contributors. Thats why it is such a sophisticated base of knowledge. Your mind harnesses a wealth of information that could change the way people look at the world around them. As a collective, we can make more informed descions, opinions and actions through sharing our experiences and predictions. Especially in the digital space we are liberated from race, religion and financial status. There are no boarders, freedom of speech is fundamental. We want that to continue through to our paper, it will always be free of political and religious opinions. We are fully focused on how technology can help better humanity. 

Named after one of the great pioneers in electrical science, Michael Faraday. We are ambitiously attempting to change the way people will use and interact with technology. Bringing the humanity to a subject that seems to remove it. Ultimately, celebrating the great minds that provide us with innovations that change our lives. The most important of all is yours. Your unique view of the world is what makes it so special, this paper is for you and we want you to share yours.

Faraday umbrellas:

Here in England, the weather is completely unpredictable and nobody wants a soggy paper! To enhance our brand presence at the tube stations we have decided to create umbrellas with the Faraday logo on. Look out for them!

Goodies available:

Our distribution team will be wearing these great T-Shirts. We want everyone to feel part of the team so grab yours today when you pledge just £20 or £50.

Pledge £50 to get the first issue framed and signed by the editor himself as a limited edition.

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