by Kiran Anand in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Fansofy is a new subscription-based social network that is helping creators monetize their content.

by Kiran Anand in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Fansofy is a new frontier of social media, placing subscription-based sharing at the forefront to the benefit of Creators. By allowing Creators to monetize their content, they have the opportunity to create consistent monthly revenue via their audience and increase authentic user engagement among their most interested fans. Fansofy creators can offer 1:1 video calls, Voice calls, request personalised videos, post all sorts of multimedia and can natively broadcast live stream on the platform to connect with audiences in a multitude of ways.

In our experience, we have seen talented creators and community-builders from popular social media platforms who have gathered large followings but have been unable to adequately monetize their success. In order to monetize their content, creators have to jump through a lot of hoops and follow certain rules in order to get paid. Even those that do manage fit into this small box, are still not paid well for their talent. In addition, algorithms are always changing and usually working against them which makes things even more difficult for both the creators and advertisers alike.

Fansofy bridges the gap between traditional social platforms with the monetization aspects of other subscription-based applications by giving creators the opportunity to do both natively in our application. Users can grow their organic followings and find their audience while also offering subscription paid content for those who want exclusive access.



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For every £50 pledged, We will provide early access, 50% discount for the subscriptions as well as 50% discount for our exclusive calendar 2022 with etched signature

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For every £20 pledged we will provide early access to the beta version of our app and 50% discount for the subscriptions.

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For every £100 pledged we will give our supporters early access to our app as well as 50% discount on subscriptions on our platform and also 70% discount on our 2022 Calendar with personalized signature etching

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