Family Dinner

This is a site specific dance performance set in a family home just as the family prepares to move out. Join their last dinner in the house.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Concept: Intimate stories in intimate spaces

Have you ever been sitting idle at home only to hear your neighbours through the wall? Have you wondered what they're laughing about, or what (possibly) Andrew did to annoy (possibly) Martha this time? Or who allowed the kids to start playing those damn instruments as they play out of tune over and over? Or what (possibly) Sam was cooking that smelt so good? Wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall?

Through this project I wanted to explore the ins and outs of family relations, within the context of the home.

 The audience has been invited to a party at the house as a farewell to the house the Parents are selling, now that their children have grown up and moved out.  Through the performance the family will inhabit different rooms in the house at different points in their family history, creating a literal walk down memory lane.

As the audience, and guest at the party, you will be allowed to be a fly on the wall through all those noisy conversations you couldn't quite make out from the neighbouring house. And after you've gotten the 'dish', you get to sit down and enjoy another at the Family Dinner, with the cast, for the finale. 

The show will be performed in the second and third weeks of June, 2017

 Raising Money and how it's spent:

We're raising money in an "all or nothing" format because this is the bare minimum needed to make this project happen. 

The money covers the venue, transportation, budget for sets and costumes and required licensing.

If we raise more money, and I hope we do, then I will be able to pay my fantastic cast and crew for all the work they're putting in. 

Why this is Important?

It's a fair question to ask. Why is it important that a performance about families is put up?  Don't we already have a million family dramas? 

Living in a family is possibly the most personal yet  the most shared experience anyone could have, save birth or death. You love them and you hate them but they're always there and always a part of you. This story was developed through many people's varying experiences.  Through 30 formal interviews, and countless informal chats, common themes and stories were picked out before specific details were adopted. There are (spoiler alert) no secret murders or deep dark secrets and no shyamalanian twists, freudian slips or dramatic montages in the rain (well there might be a little rain, this is london after all), it's just raw interaction.

This isn't just story about families in the 21st Century, it's THE story of families around us.  And it's begging to be told.