Family Start-Up Business Expand or go-Bust--

Family Start-Up Business Expand or go-Bust--

Hello all,

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello all,

Well like many people trying to earn a living and make a better life for their children, my wife and i decided to take the plunge and start our own business.

I worked hard at my previous employer, saved as much as we could and opened a small shop in our local town.

Three weeks in and now we are in a right state.

Economy being what it is at the moment and the position of our shop in the centre is crippling us. 

Apart from our shop costs, we are behind in our rent.

All we want to do is move to a slightly bigger premisis instead of closing down.

We need a cash injection for stock and need to employ local people to staff it for us.

Your help would not only help my family but also help the local comunity in at least 2 full time jobs.

We are at the moment a quirky gift shop but if we had the chance, expand into other areas.

Our aim is to keep our prices low and affordable and compete with the big-guns who at the moment seem to be taking over the world of retail.

Please Help