A mumsy mum asking for help

A mumsy mum asking for help

I am hoping to raise money to enable me and my little family to put down a deposit on a little house.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Well, where do I start...

Until 2012 we were a settled happy family of five in a lovely home, with our three beautiful children aged 14, 8 and 2. A combination of my partner being made redundant whilst I was retraining to be a teacher meant life got tough.

We were forced to sell our house at a loss, my partner couldn't get a job that paid well enough to afford childcare and I was so close to qualifying but had no promise of a job. We bit the bullet and sold and have been living with my mum ever since. I was unaware the council would see this as making ourselves homeless!

I am now a teacher and can't believe I am unable to afford to rent! I can afford to pay mortgage payments, confirmed by my mortgage advisor,  but need a deposit first. As I financially now support my mother, I cannot do it! 

I wonder how many other people have been through this too? 

This feels a very strange route to go down as I hate to ask for help from people close to me, let alone strangers. 

Thanks for reading x