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The aim of this project is to bring safe, stable, affordable homes to children and their families in the UK.

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £302 with 28 supporters in 35 days

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Everyday, 150 families in the UK face homeless – even though many of them are working. It’s a shocking statistic, but one my project aims to turn on its head. I want to create affordable, safe, secure and rent capped homes in the UK for children and their families.

The problem

We face a major and growing housing crisis in the UK. Property prices are rising much faster than average family incomes, meaning home ownership is increasingly out of reach for many families. However, rental prices are also growing so quickly that many have nowhere else to turn.

Over the next five years, the cost of renting is set to increase rapidly – by 25%. That’s even faster than house prices and will leave many more families facing homelessness. Already 150 families are being forced onto the streets or into sheltered accommodation each day, but unless something is done that number is going to grow rapidly over the coming years.

The Government shows little sign of acknowledging the problem, let alone taking action, which means we need innovative solutions to plug the gap.

My solution

My crowdfunding project will use the money we raise to purchase suitable family housing across the UK. Once we reach our initial goal, we will purchase 2 x 2/3 bedroom properties in my local area of West Sussex and four 2/3 bedroom houses across the rest of the UK. We will also purchase one holiday lodge in Cornwall and one in Wales which will be rented to families on a pay what you can afford basis – because I believe every family deserves a holiday.

If we raise more than our target we will continue to buy properties around the UK to increase the amount of affordable homes available to families.

My aim is to create a sustainable enterprise which operates on a not for profit basis. 10% of any surplus we make at the end of the tax year will go to the amazing charity, Shelter. The rest will be reinvested to buy more properties and give more families a comfortable home.

About me

I am an interior designer by trade and I spend my day helping people turn their houses into special homes. I love creating spaces for them to enjoy their lives, but my clients, like me, are lucky enough to own a home in which they can raise their families in safety.

That’s not the case for everyone.

While designing children’s bedrooms for a client, I began reading about why it’s so important for a child to have his or her own space. If you want to raise a child who is caring, organised, successful and goal orientated, you must provide a stable environment. Give them a stable platform and they’ll be in a better position for the rest of their lives.

You don’t need to look too closely at the world around us to see that too many children in this country are not getting the start they deserve. I wanted to see what I could do to address the situation. This project is just a start, but if it proves successful it could provide the template for a strategy which can help give families a warm and stable home.

So please help us to make lives better for families and to give children a more stable home. We have a host of rewards to offer, including free interior design services from Popsicle. Check out our rewards and make your selection now.

You can find out more, and chart our progress via  Twitter.



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