Family campsite low prices

Family campsite low prices

Our aim is to stop the price increases of family holiday during school holidays. Although we can't actually stop it we have had an idea...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our aim is to stop the price increases of family holiday during school holidays. Although we can't actually stop it we have had an idea to help people afford a decent holiday during the school term breaks but we need your help! 


I understand that prices are on the up during school holidays due to the increase in staffing and also it's the main weeks to make sure rental/mortgage fees are met for the year and without any increases there would possibly be less accommodation for people to rent for a holiday. 

Our aim isn't to put anyone out of business, it's simply to provide a cheaper alternative during busy periods. 

Our main aim is to offer these cheaper options to family's taking breaks during school holidays and also restrict the accommodation to people in this category, so along as you have minimum of one child 16 or under still in school then you would qualify for the accommodation. We would still be able to accommodate people who don't have children and they would still get the same prices and quality of accommodation but it would be bookable by families first.

The accommodation is planned to be camping and camping pods, the pods would sleep upto 6 people and you could pitch a tent next to your pod should you need extra sleeping area. Planned facilities would include washing and toilet areas and also pots and pan wash areas.

We would also like to build children's play areas among other facilities.

Now for how we aim to do it,  as I mentioned earlier prices are increased to match outgoing bills like mortgages for the year and along as they make there money during busy times they can stay open all year round,  but like I said we don't want to have increases so we need the whole project funded.

It will take a massive amount of money to build this dream so I'm splitting it into stages.

Stage one is to buy the land we have seen and get all licenses and planning out the way.

The land is 17 acres in the Tenby area south Wales, it's just over 1 mile from Amroth beach and an easy 10-15 min drive to saundersfoot with Tenby a further five min drive. There is a lovely coastal path walk from Amroth to Tenby via saundersfoot for the adventurous and also lots of activities in the area for the kids.

Stage 2 is to fund living accommodation for me and my family so we can run the site ourselves and not put extra costs ontop for staffing. The accommodation we have looked at is a prefab log house to keep costs down.

Stage 3 will be where the fun starts as this is when we fund the accommodation and also the landscaping of the site.

It's a big project that will benefit families wanting cheaper holidays but we really need help to bring it to life!