Family Business in jeapordy after disaster strikes

Family Business in jeapordy after disaster strikes

To replace our new DJI Mavic Pro that flew away just 3 days after purchase. we don't want to have to cancel 10 weddings booked this year :(

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are Marea and Dan. We are partners in life and in business. Between us we have 4 children. 

We recently started out in a business venture we are both super passionate about, wedding cinematography. 

In the short time we have been up and running we have booked up for the rest of 2017. Both working other job's as well to keep the bills paid and food on the table we were able to invest every penny from our wedding contracts into equipment. Our most exciting purchase was last on the list and a long time coming. It's a bit of kit that makes great wedding films into awesome wedding films. We bought the DJI Mavic Pro and we named him Sid (he looks like the sloth from Ice Age). 

We spent our first few days learning how to look after and fly Sid properly. Like all excited new owners we documented our new arrival on film.

On our 4th day with Sid at around 2030hrs the sky lit up a beautiful crimson red. Sid took to the air as before with no issues. As we hovered at 70m the unthinkable happened. Before our very eyes Sid turned to face us then flew off into tbe distance. Our remote flashed 'sys warning+check app'. We tried desperately to gain control and repeatedly asked Sid to return home. None of our controls worked and he didn't return home.

We jumped in the car and raced after him but soon lost sight. According to our flight plan and the 'find my drone feature he was 72m above an old gentleman's home. He wasn't 72m up nor was he anywhere in between.

We searched for 2days in what can only be described as the rainy season. Posting flyers and climbing fences but with no luck we began to realise Sid was never coming home.

We planned for him, saved for him, worked hard for him and we needed him. He was promised to our clients for our first in a long line of wedding dates in just 2weeks time. 

There is no way we can raise enough money on our own to replace him in time. DJI say it's not covered as the GPS signal was lost due to magnetic interference during the flight. So we ask desperately for your help. Please please join us in the fight to save our little business and pledge whatever you can spare.