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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to raise some money to help my family who have fallen on some hard times recently.

by Ruby1111 in Sudborough, England, United Kingdom

I have chosen to try and help my family through hard times, after their business has had to be put into administration and are now in a lot of debt and have had to start selling off their household items just to try and put some food on the table. They have worked so hard all their lives to support me and my siblings and i'd like to try and help them.

As hard as I work for my living i don't make enough that I will be even able to make a dent in trying to help them, I struggle enough to support myself and have also been doing what I can to buy them food when I can. I know we can't be the only people who go through this and there are so many people out there who are going through the same, but even if I could fund a small amount it would really make a difference.

I would use the money to just help support them through this time, just essentials really whilst they get back on their feet. They wouldn't like to know that I am doing this but I can't just watch anymore.

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