Families Support

Families Support

The aims of the project is to support family with two children's who are faces financial crises.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The project is to support family with two daughters who born here in UK , now facing issues with UKBA concerning they family life. This family are very kind and support other families in needs. the UKBA has granted 30 months to family that run out in December 2016. We are looking to raise the money for GOOD CAUSE to save family that now facing hardships. 

During the 30 months visa they have no right to Public Fund, mean they could not received any benefits for the childrens. Our organisation PARCA is not able to support financially but with your support , we can raise the money asap please. It is a first time we are asking to public to support family through our organisation. All the money raise will go to family without any dediction. 

Please, this is a good cause we all spend more then £10 a day for cigarette, drink or lunch but your sacrify will save family to become evicted and able to pay Home Office cost.

This is apeal for ALL Humain leaving in World Wide to support and in return we will very be greatful for your support. 

I hope with your support , We Can save life of family of four.

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