Families First UK

Families First UK is a brand new not-for-profit organization that seeks to support families that are facing difficult and challenging circum

We did it!

On 1st Aug 2015 we successfully raised £1,800 of £1,600 target with 11 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Massive thanks to everyone that has pledged to Families First UK- you guys have been amazing! Let's keep pushing, sharing and doing what your are doing. We have already crossed a few items off our list to enable us to kick-start this new innovative project. However, there are a few other things we would significantly benefit from. 

Therefore, we are overfunding......check out what we can do if we reach a £2,000-00 target!

In addition to the unique logo, website, and IT equipment being purchased with the original £1,600-00 we can also purchase some high quality business cards, compliment slips and letter heads. We will also purchase a designated company mobile phone that will enable us to use the unique phone number on our website and business stationary. So, can you help us reach an extra £400-00? Let's go for it!!

Project aim

Families First UK is a brand new not-for-profit organization that seeks to support families that are facing difficult and challenging circumstances.

About the project

About Families First UK

Families First UK is a brand new not-for-profit organization that seeks to support families that are facing difficult and challenging circumstances. Experience tells us that in order to have healthy resilient families we need to have healthy resilient parents. So, our organizations aim is to “empower parents to reach their full potential”.

We will support, encourage, empower and develop resilient parents by offering one-to-one support via a network of Peer Support Volunteers and through the delivery of Families First Workshops that are open and accessible to all parents regardless of their children’s age.

  • We believe every parent is able to thrive in their role and not just “survive another day”.
  • We believe every parent can recover their capacity, capability and resources to function effectively for their family.
  • We believe there are no hopeless families in our city.
  • We believe every family unit has the solution or solutions for their circumstances; our task is to befriend and support them to discover what those solutions are and empower them to positive change.


Our organizational base is in Chelmsford, Essex and therefore the geographical reach area will initially be in Chelmsford and the surrounding area. Our long term vision is to replicate this local project across Essex and beyond.

About our Founder & Project Director

Paul Tufnell has over 14 years’ management and leadership experience working in the family support sector. His knowledge, skills, experience and passion have combined and compelled him to set up Families First UK in May 2015. It’s an exciting adventure he has embarked upon and there are clear identified needs in most communities for increased parenting capacity and resilience. Paul’s passionate that families should not just “survive together” but “thrive together”….and it is possible!

What are we asking for?

As with every new project or organization we want to ensure we stand the best chance of becoming sustainable in the long term and grow over the years rather than being “here today and gone tomorrow”. Therefore, it is critical that we ensure sufficient funding is coming in on a regular and consistent basis.

To do this as effectively as we can we believe it is important that this new organization has its own unique logo and website from the start. It is proven that organizations that have a clearly identifiable logo and a simple, clear, and good quality website stand the best chances of attracting funding. Potential funders and commissioners do want to see well thought through plans, budgets, processes, and other paperwork to be submitted with any application but they also like to be able to access websites and other social media channels to find out more about an organization.

Our invitation is for you to join in by helping us to raise enough money for the following:-

  • A well designed unique logo for Families First UK
  • A clear, professional and high quality website
  • A good quality laptop, software and printer

We believe that these 3 things will significantly enhance and increase our ability to be successful as we seek further funding to enable the organization to become operational.

Families First UK…..what difference will we make in the long term?

The principal outcome of the project is that there will be improved skills and capacity within families to enable them to function effectively. This will be achieved and evidenced by the following:-


  • The improvement and development of emotional and mental resilience among parents.
  • An increase in parent’s self-confidence and the ability to parent positively and effectively.
  • The tackling of social isolation; particularly for lone parents or parents who are not in full time employment.
  • Enhanced communication skills for individuals along with conflict resolution strategies for families.
  • The managing of family boundaries and routines.
  • Supporting individuals to access other support services including financial, housing and specialist family interventions.
  • Families will be able to sustain and manage the positive changes they make.


We also believe that outcomes relating to the recruiting, training and deploying of volunteers from the local area of Chelmsford will build community cohesion, capacity and upskill individuals aiding their professional development and employability opportunities.


We believe all of these will significantly improve family relationships along with higher levels of functionality at home and in the community.


Will you join us on our first steps…..the future is looking bright


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