False Awakening

by Chloe Diamond in Poole, England, United Kingdom

False Awakening
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False Awakening is a story about how anxiety and depression can affect the dream state of someone. We greatly hope you can be apart of this.

by Chloe Diamond in Poole, England, United Kingdom

‘False Awakening’ is a story about how anxiety and depression can affect the dream state of someone.

'We follow Emma, a young girl who suffers with anxiety. In this suspense thriller with a twist at the end, Emma is a girl who is struggling with her dream state and has constant nightmares and feels trapped within them with no way out or finding help.'

Meet the Team:

Chloe Diamond - Director

Chloe is a passionate film creator wanting to specialise in Directing. She has taken on many directing roles over the years, but this is the first time she has found her own crew from fellow students. She is excited to bring this film to life, allowing her crew to be as creative as possible in their departments.

Jacob Trup - Producer

This is Jacob's 4th film, but only the second film he has produced. Jacob's previous work includes 'What We'd Like From You' (2020) and has a passion for directing dramas. Jacob has a great relationship with the Director and will help out any way he can to make this film as best as it can be.

Tom Henfrey - Assistant Director

Hi I'm Tom, I'm 23 and studying film at bournemouth. My back ground is mainly in stand up comedy and acting. I chose to do film as I want to become and writer and director as well as combine film with my Passion for wild life conservation, making wildlife documentaries.

Kat Munden - Sound Designer

I’m really excited to be doing sound design on this film. After reading the script I found lots of interesting ways to explore and design the sound, which I can’t wait to begin. I’ve always been interested in sound in particular the design aspect as it can really bring a film alive. I've worked in various roles on various shorts, and have fallen in love with sound after working on it for a feature film recently.

Beth Bentley - Set Designer

Beth is really interested in production design this year, taking on many projects to showcase her talent. She will be working with an assistant to create the mysterious dreamscape we wish to have within our film and we are confident Beth can create this with her knowledge of production design.

Jack Degg - Cinematographer

I’ve always been a huge fan of film and photography, and growing up I experimented with creating short films with friends and I discovered that I had a flare for lighting and working with cameras and different lenses. With this I then went to learn more behind the theory of film for my undergraduate and I am currently studying MA cinematography at Bournemouth University.

Ewan Kendall - Lighting

I’m Ewan and I’m a gaffer on false awakening. I’ve always enjoyed the technical aspects of what makes films look good and the how lighting can greatly effect the mood of the film. Shooting outside gives me the opportunity to really experiment and expand my horizons in terms of what I’m capable of. Films/TV I’m inspired by are Mad Max Fury Road and Euphoria for their bold use of colour.

Toby Prichard - Lighting 

My names Toby and I’m Gaffer on False Awakening, i love the artistic side of films and I think the lighting in films can display so much dynamic emotion. False awakening has some really interesting points for lighting, I get my inspiration from films such as Mute, Annihilation and Hush.

Abi Stephens - Script Supervisor

My role is Script Supervisor which I particularly enjoy because it means I have control over creating a much more fluid story. Some films that inspire me are Mud, Interstellar, and House of Flying Daggers.

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