Fall On My Feet

We want to make a short documentary film about a young girl who finds stregth and confidence through her passion for music whilst she...

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On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,500 of £1,500 target with 19 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you so much for all your support so far, now lets try and reach our stretch target of £1,700! The stretch target will secure us enough money to make the film possible and more! When it is finished we will send the film out to festivals with the extra money we have recieved. Once again thank you for all your support and we look forward to making the film for you all to see!


We want to make a short documentary film about a young girl who finds stregth and confidence through her passion for music whilst being horridly bullied at school. 

Sasha was bullied during high school with death threats sent to her, she was in the choir with myself and not many people new of her talents. It was on one of the last days she performed in front of the whole year and everyone was blown away. This is where her confidence went up and up and she is now writing her own music giging arond London. It is an inspirational story to hopefully ecourage people to do what they love no matter what.

We plan on making a 15 minute documentary that encapsulates what it's like to have a struggle and pull through it becoming more determined and passionate. It is a film to inspire people who don't think they are good enough or think they are unable to do something because someone is putting them down.

Our Team

Hi I am the director of Fall On My Feet, here is my brilliant team working behind the project to make it all possible:

Director: Charlotte Hewitt

Hi I am the director of Fall on my Feet, I am excited to direct this documentary about a friend of mine who I knew from school and was in the choir with. She was treated badly at school and being in the choir was a very un cool thing to be a part of so essentially we were being discouraged to do something we loved. She is an amazing singer/songwriter and I'm very excited to work with her on this project. I have experience directing short documentaries both in and outside of university 

Producer: Marianne Bowser

I'm the producer of Fall on my Feet; I wanted to get behind this documentary as it has a strong important message about escaping bullying and achieving your dreams. I have worked on features and some award winning short fictions, this story and project excited me as I think people will want to know Sasha and rejoice in her success.

Cinematographer: Tom La Motte

Aspiring cinematographer currently studying at AUB, I have been involved in a number of different projects ranging from music promos, promotional videos, live events coverage, short films and Documentaries.  I love the music Sasha is currently producing which is why I find this documentary so appealing to work on.  My aim is to achieve the directors vision for an immersive and emotive short film giving an insight into Sasha’s lifestyle and career.

Sound: Mark Harris

I have a vibrant background in all areas of sound, spanning nearly 15 years covering music, live events, theatre and most recently film, I am no stranger to a microphone. I will help bring the musical soul and the sonic message of this film to the screen, the film is in safe hands. 

Editor: Becky Tugwell

I'm Becky Tugwell a third year editing student at AUB, so far during my time at AUB I have been involved in a number of different projects ranging from short fashion videos, music videos, promotional videos, short films and documentaries. I want to work on this film becasue I love working with documentary as I think there is so much room for storytelling and I find doc really interesting. I also love music so this is just a bonus really.

Associate Producer: Chloe Shipley

I'm a second year film student specialising in producing and documentary. I'm currently producing my specialist practice one doc and producing a fiction film for the same unit which I'm really enjoying. I would love to work on Fall on my feet because I'm eager to develop my producing skills and through the subject of music of which I'm really passionate about.


The money we are raising to make this film is going mostly on transport to get the crew to and from Bournemouth and around London. We also need to get a few extra things for the sound and camera department along with the most important thing catering, to keep us going throughout the shoot!


Support our film and there are a number of rewards available to you! Get the chance to be in the credits of the film! Or recieve a full copy of the finished film along with many other music goodies to get your hands on!


Get your name in the credits as a special thanks!


A digital copy of the soundtrack and a special thanks credit!


Music sheets to Sashas song Fall On My Feet and of course a special thanks credit!


Signed poster with a personalised thank you note from the crew and of course a special thanks credit in the film!


A digital copy of the film, digital soundtrack and the poster. Also get your name in the credits as a special thanks!


A special digital copy of the directors cut with deleted scenes and performances from Sasha! A digital soundtrack to the film and a signed cast and crew poster! And a special thanks credit in the film!


A digital copy of the film and all the added extras, including directors cut, performances from Sasha, a signed poster and thank you note, and finally your name in the credits and a shoutout on social media!


A bundle of Fall On My Feet goodies, including a digital copy of the film including final version and directors cut, a signed poster and thank you message from the cast and crew,  exclusive photos from the shoot and music sheets for the song Fall on my Feet! Special thanks credit and a shoutout on social media!


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