Fake-Away: The Healthy Takeaway

Fake-Away: The Healthy Takeaway

To begin a Food Outlet Business that will create jobs, challenge and change people attitudes about healthy eating

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi And welcome to our project.

We are not a big multi-million pound corporation we are just two people wanting to make a difference to our lives and the lives of others in our local community through hard work, determination and healthy lifestyle choices.

First of all let me run you through the concept of Fake-Away.

With our project we plan to kickstart the opening of a takeaway (Called Fake-Away) in our busy town centre that offers our potential clients/customers the chance to enjoy delicious, authentic, handmade, fresh foods, with low or no fat and will be made using locally sourced ingredients and the healthiest cooking methods but our foods are not only healthy but are classic takeaway foods without the expected massive amounts of grease, fat, salt, sugars, preservatives and other undesirable contents of almost every style of takeaway food available. We believe in health and quality.


The niche of this market is rapidly growing since nearly two-thirds of the UK population are either overweight or obese. Obesity is shortening lives and could bankrupt the NHS; spending £5bn a year on obesity linked disease such as: strokes and diabetes and within a few decades that is predicted to climb to £15bn. Type 2 Diabetes is a huge problem and: 10% of the NHS budget already is spent on that alone. People want and need to be health conscious but still want that cheeky kebab in an evening or the quick burger at lunch etc. We believe you shouldn't have to go without to achieve a healthy lifestyle or give up your heathy aims for said meal. Say "Goodbye" to the guilt of fast food!

Welcome to the Fake-Away revolution!

It isn't just us adults that will benefit from a radical change of Fake-Away ... our children will too. A third of 10-11 year olds and over a fifth of 4-5 year olds are overweight or obese here in the UK today and this is escalating every day. Many people have made the healthy changes at home and have begun the transition into healthy yet wholesome food and also now keep careful track of RDA's, fat, salt and sugar content in a bid to stay healthy and keep children safe but that is a lot more difficult when ordering food in and cooking all the time and staying imaginative especially for children is nigh on impossible. So, Fake-Away! How many of your local takeaway menus list the fat, salt and calorie content? Not many. But all parents want a break once in a while and every child loves a treat and if that treat is a takeaway why not make it a healthy Fake-Away where all food will be prepared and cooked in healthiest possible ways with the best quality ingredients. Using only skinless chicken breast, extra lean lamb and beef mince under 5% fat and more.

But this idea will also cover people who already have a healthy lifestyle and thought they would never see the likes of a takeaway again, except for cheat days, with higher protein, low in fat and fat free meals everyone is a winner. The potential is huge!

The Leeds area itself is quite a busy place day and night, large amount of shops, offices, pubs, clubs, cafes the local football stadium. We feel that Leeds deserves the high quality foods and service that we can bring into the town and the surrounding areas but also a dramatic upturn for the community.

We plan on employing several part time and full time staff, hopefully some staff members will be sourced from the local college who are studying in the hospitality/catering sector thus giving them the chance for work experience and to earn and learn at the same time in their chosen industry; getting a foot in the door of their career. As well as for mature adults already experienced as the unemployment rate is quite high here.

All pictures used are actual meals that we can and would be serving and delivering in just a matter of time with your contributions.


We are currently sourcing the perfect building to open our new business in as location is a high priority of ours.

We have several ongoing enquiries in regards to property and are waiting for some more information. We do have some enquiries into properties that would be large enough to support a takeaway delivery & collection combination as many of the local eateries do.