Faith In Life ~ Helping Brazilians In Need

by Carly Davies in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Faith In Life ~ Helping Brazilians In Need


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A project aimed at making and providing food to children and vulnerable adults in Brazil.

by Carly Davies in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Hi guys!

Thanks for taking the time to visit this page and big hugs to you all.

Brazil is a beautiful country that I first fell in love with during my travels in 2017.
The people, energy and free spirited way of life captured me and I returned earlier this year.

However,  this time around was a very different reality, as fate had it  we would arrive before a worldwide pandemic and it’s been one of the biggest shocks of my life.

When us gringos think of Brazil, we usually think of beautiful men and women, samba, carnival, amazing football, beautiful beaches and caipirinhas at sunset. True, no?

Well, I’ve now seen a very different reality to Brazil and the painful and heart-breaking struggles and daily difficulties faced by the people in this country which has been ten-folded by a national health crisis, mass unemployment and citizens which have no safety net of financial support and structure.

The government continue a corrupt and political war against each other, money is disappearing and the Brazillian citizens most in need are sadly left fighting for survival.

The government pledged in their public policy response to the COVID-19 crisis that R$46 billion would be provided to those who are unemployed and meet the criteria set by the government.
They stated that this would AIM to target 20 million people.

However, the population stands at 210 million. You do the maths.  

Money has disappeared fast on projects which were never started in the first place and people are starving to death here. They are forced into an ‘essential’ lockdown, told they can’t work for an unforeseen amount of time, surviving in hugely cramped spaces and some communities are trying to function without access to water.

This is the dark reality and citizens here aren’t blessed and lucky enough to benefit from a supportive furlough schemes or access to Centrelink link like those in first world countries.

The Project 

Efeito Sanduíche (@efeitosanduiche) is an amazing project which was created in May to help support vulnerable children and adults in the community in São Paulo and Rio De Janiero.

The most in need locations across both cities are identified and mapped.

Sandwiches are made by volunteers and on the same day, they are delivered to community leaders and social workers who have direct access to children and vulnerable adults in the high risk groups within these communities.

The more this project grows financially, the more people will be targeted with much needed support.

It costs R$90 for a sandwich kit. This makes 30 big sandwiches and a much needed meal for someone.

This is the equivalent of £0.45 a sandwich in the UK

This is also the equivalent of $0.83 AUD.

This amount is so small to all of us living in privileged countries and here it makes a bloody HUGE difference.

Friends, family; strangers ❤️
I’m asking for your much needed support.
Whilst I usually do something crazy to push my body to the limit to raise money like run a marathon or climb a mountain, at this moment in time, it’s sadly not possible.

However, to reassure you about where your money is being spent,  I will be one of the volunteers producing, packaging and delivering these food items and I kindly ask for you to spend your coffee money for one day supporting something which is hugely important to me and those in need in Brazil.

Know that your money will be going directly to something which is hands on, genuine and I will be posting regular updates of what is produced as well as the delivery. The money won’t disappear to a CEO of a charity like ‘the ones we shall not name’.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many people, but if anything, I hope it’s taught us to be kind, thoughtful and more compassionate people to one another. 

I will also be setting up a seperate IG account to reach out to pregnant women & children in São Paulo who need support during this crisis - please watch this space for more details! 

Thank you everyone and I love you all!!!!
Blessing and good energy to everyone reading this ❤️

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