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My best friend and her children have been robbed of everything they own, and have not had electricity, water, and a proper meal in weeks.

by Kerry Ferguson in Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

This is a very heart wrenching story of a friend who had everything- when I say everything, I mean she had her health, family, friends, husband, children, job, roof over her head and food on the table, however, that all changed when her husband died suddenly.  Money became scarce, there was not enough to pay the bills, mortgage, school fees and so much more and landed up losing her home.  She then found out she had breast cancer and in the same year she lost her brother to suicide.  When her mother in law died she left the estate to her and her youngest son, however, trying to get the money has been impossible.  She recently moved to Scottburgh with her 3 children and dogs only to find the house left to her had been broken into and all that has been left is the walls and doors, even the cables from the stove and fridge had been ripped out and there was poo smeared over the walls, no electricity or running water.  Her older son and her have had to take turns keeping watch over the house and the rest of the family for fear of something happening.  

I am asking for donations to help get them back on their feet, to set them up at home so they have running water, electricity and food.  I prayer we can get her the help her and her family need.  God Bless

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