Fairtrade block printing community workshops

Fairtrade block printing community workshops

To raise £800 towards setting up Fairtrade block printing workshops for charitable organisations and private classes in the UK.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 1:26pm 9th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 1:26pm 9th September 2018

1534079383_2018-08-03_13.32.54.jpgWhat is Fairtrade block printing?

Block printing is super fun and super easy for all ages and abilities! Ok it can be a bit messy, but that just adds to the enjoyment! I use Fairtrade chunky wooden handcrafted blocks for Jaipur - and there are so many incredible designs to choose from! 1534079451_20180812_100105.jpg

The simple process of adding fabric paint to the block, then stamping your fabric is very easy and very therapeutic.  The list of clothing, homewares and gifts you can make is endless, from T shirts to tea towels, hankies to scarves, wrapping paper to tote bags...and way beyond! 

What is the aim of this campaign?

1534079554_received_231499694071139.jpegGo block print has come from my passion of block printing and vision to get workshops out there for everyone to enjoy, and have a go at making their own beautiful creations! I will be setting up private workshops for adults and children in the UK, and schools within Hampshire, and providing free workshops for charities, nursing homes and adults with learning disabilities. 

The process of block printing is so simple and fun, and has a quick and easily achievable outcome. It also offers inclusivity and is a great way to make personal gifts for family and friends.

How much needs to be raised?

1534079622_2018-08-12_10.04.47.jpgTo set Go block print up, I need to buy in a lot more Fairtrade stamps with more designs, fabric paint, blank products to stamp on to such as tea towels, pencil cases, tote bags etc, sponges, aprons, marketing materials and a transportable trolley move equipment around. 

I would love to raise £800 in order to achieve getting Go block print off the ground. Once it is up and running, I will start to expand and look to franchise. 

What happens to the money if the total isn't achieved? 

Any donations, however small, will be massively appreciated and ALL the money, whether the goal is reached or not, will be put into setting up Go block print. It is a very simple case of, the more money raised at this stage, the more equipment I am able to purchase sooner, and the sooner Go block print can start doing sessions! 

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