Fair Bid: Socially Responsible Recruiting

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Fair Bid aims to level the playing field for non-profits, social enterprise and charities looking to recruit staff.

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It's tough being fair... 

For thousands of Non-profits, not-for-profits, social enterprises and charities this is the sad fact.

In addition to trying to do the right thing, so often on a shoestring, non-profit organisations and individuals are also forced to recruit their staff and volunteers from the same competitive and cut-throat job market as everyone else.

This means they're easy targets for thousands of recruitment agencies who know full well they have no choice but to recruit on agency terms.

Skipping to the end, this means paying an extra 20% plus for every employee they hire...

We can't really blame the agencies either. The problem stems from the opaque and ever-shifting legislation that affects the job markets... and hey... if the only way these companies can get help is via temp agencies then why shouldn't they pay an extra 20%? After all, everyone else does...

This is all bad enough in itself, but public opinion, on which so many non-profits rely, is constantly shifting and recently charities et al have come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Mismanagement of funds, director's salaries and questions over exactly what percentage of donations actually end up helping those in need.

Well, that's where fair bid comes in. Fair Bid is a socially responsible multi-sided platform dedicated to helping non-profit organisations escape the shark-tank of the commercial recruitment market and find the staff they need.


The idea itself is simple, organisations post their positions on the Fair Bid platform and agencies are invited to bid to place their most suitable candidates.

Because the system is 100% based online there are no hefty overheads and as we plan to remove an entire sector from the traditional job market... recruitment agencies will be forced to change their ways.

Fair Bid will operate via a simple registration fee and then it will be up to the recruitment companies to apply their famous salesmanship to win the contract...

With Fair Bid, the days of charities paying a third-party 20% of their employee's salary are over!

It works like this...

Fair Bid Members (recruiters and Non-profits) each pay a small fee to keep the business running. Anyone looking for new recruits places a job on the site under the appropriate section and invites recruiters to bid for those positions.  The whole thing is transparent and no one gets a fifth of any one's salary for finding the right person. 

If we are unable to hit our target, anything we do raise will go towards getting the platform off the ground, even it is a much leaner version.


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