Fair and Independent Media

Fair and Independent Media

We need media outlets that are independent and fair, I want to expand our current reach and reach the mainstream.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In 2012, I set up Great Britain United facebook page to offer positive news in the media and to spread Unity, Diversity and Tolerance in the community.

The media is controlled by 6 Main Organisations in the Uk Today who have a specific agenda of only serving the elite and therefore there is no independent reporting of the real state of Britain today.

Britain has faced challenging times since the financial crisis in 2008 and the media has been controlled by only a few individuals including Rupert Murdoch who controls The Sun/Times/Sky,Richard Desmond who owns Express /Channel 5 ,  Barclay Brothers who own Telegraph and Daily Mail who are owned by Associated Newspapers.

There has been a constant and persistent news coverage of fear by the mainstream media.

This  has resulted in division in communities and  misinformed views about Muslims/Refugees and this has led to a major anti Europe feeling too which has resulted in Brexit.

With the advent of Facebook, I have managed to utilise my web skills to build a mass following of over 40,000 followers who to report fair and unbiased news in Britain via our Facebook channel Greatbritainunited and to enable people to see the real British values of Unity, Diversity and Tolerance.

There is a huge market for British people who want to follow a media outlet which offers an independent view and present the facts and integrity of politicians, bankers, directors, government officials that have an impact on society.

The recent election has shown how biased the media is and people can have an image of individuals like Jeremy Corbyn

that is completely opposite to the reality.

We can reach over 150,000 people in a particular week  from our main facebookoutlet GreatBritainUnited and I have built this up on a National Level using my own experience of Finance and Web skills.

We want to get out and reach the more mainstream audience with expansion of a few more Facebook channels and websites to reach a mainstream audience and challenge the hate/islamophobic  narrative that some of the major media outlets are promoting.

Great Britain United is the voice of the people and I am looking for Funding so that you feel part of our media and you will also get a Membership which entitles you to free membership for Life and invites to come to our events.