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A relatable yet shocking story of the vulnerable life of an Alzheimer's sufferer.

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Nothing can last forever. There isn't any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn't fade out at last.” - Juan Rulfo


Imagine spending fifty years of your life with someone and being so in love and then one day they no longer know who you are.

That’s what happened to Doris and Walter.

They married young, never had children and then, at seventy years old, Doris was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

When Doris can’t remember who she is or where she is it is up to her husband Walter to look after her.

But as more of Doris’ memories fade away, will she be able to hold on to those of her husband or will she forget him altogether?



(told by Lori Emily Brown - the writer and director)

(Lori with her older sister Sarah and their grandparents, Sally and Harry) 


Doris was inspired by my granny Sally who suffered from Alzhiemer's Disease for the last twelve years of her life.

My granny, like Doris, married young and to the love of her life, Harry but unlike Doris, she had five children, including my dad, Malcolm. 

My granda Harry, who also suffered from the disease, passed away when I was seven years old. It was only two years after my granda passed away that my granny was diagnosed. 

Over the years my granny forgot who I was and eventually she even forgot my dad, her son. 

Doris is not directly a representation of my granny Sally but instead a representation of the vulnerability attached to those who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease.

I wanted to write something that would show the progression of the disease but also capture the sense of sadness and isolation that surrounds the disease and display it in a way that it has never really been shown. 



(a collection of photographs to express the director’s vision for the look and feel of the film).





Colin Carnegie                   Roma Tomelty                    Cathan McRoberts 



Writer/Director: Lori Emily Brown 

“I love writing. Being able to invent people, give them a story and a purpose is exciting and extremely fun to do.”


Producer: Cliodhna McSherry

“I was extremely happy to be assigned as the producer. I pride myself on being organised, creating plans/lists as I am always determined to see things through to completion.”


Cinematographer: Ellie Alcorn

“I enjoy working with the camera and lighting. Over the past few years I’ve loved that element of filmmaking and recently I was able to gain experience on a few film sets.”


Sound Recordist: Mark Lawther

“Sound can make or break a film, and I feel that being in this role will provide me with the experience that is an integral part to becoming a filmmaker.”


Editor: Beth Minford

“My passion for editing exists because there are so many ways that you can tell a story and editing is responsible for the manipulation of the narrative.”

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