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Stand Up for an Inclusive and Just Society

by Facing History and Ourselves in London, England, United Kingdom


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Equipping young people with critical thinking skills, empathy and resilience and inspiring them to create more inclusive communities.

by Facing History and Ourselves in London, England, United Kingdom


"We want our students to be brave, to be upstanders, to be leaders, and to be confident in themselves...Now, more than ever, the work of Facing History is imperative to success in schools....[it is] essential for teachers wanting to tackle issues of disadvantage and injustice" (Facing History teacher)

Our mission and what we do

At Facing History, we partner with teachers to inspire students to stand up to bigotry and hate, using lessons of history to explore difficult topics that highlight how much one’s action or inaction matters. 

1604503501_class1_(2).jpgOur workshops, seminars, and courses give teachers the tools and confidence they need to lead deep classroom discussions on difficult subjects like inequality, race and and social justice, and to integrate current events with historic case studies and first-person accounts so that history comes alive for students.  As a result young people see how powerfully history is connected to their lives today and their communities.

"I’ve learnt that standing up and speaking out can make a difference to what happens. Staying quiet doesn’t.” (Facing History student)

By providing teachers with professional development, teaching strategies and classroom resources, we work with them to:

  • Create inclusive, engaged school communities where all students’ voices are heard and lifted up
  • Equip their students with critical thinking skills, empathy and resilience
  • Enable students to form their own powerful conclusions about how history is connected to their lives today and their communities 
  • Inspire young people to stand up for a just and inclusive society in their own daily lives through informed responsible citizenship

Why we need your support now

2020 has been a devastating year for so many around the globe, including here in the UK. Covid-19, racial injustice, and a spiking incidence of hate crimes (more than 105,000 hate crimes were recorded in England and Wales in the past year, an increase of 8 per cent on the previous year) have destroyed lives and weakened the fabric of society.  

From rigorous evaluation, we know 1604667185_1604667184163.pngthat pupils who study in a Facing History classroom are more likely to have respect and understanding for the rights of others whose views differ from their own, have increased awareness of the power and danger of prejudice and discrimination, and have an increased capacity to make a difference in society. All of these things are essential if we are to build a society that can respond with humanity to the aftereffects of the pandemic and the other global challenges we are facing.

Stand up for an inclusive and just society: 

'Activating Upstanders 2021'

Activating Upstanders 2021 will be a focused effort to support 150 teachers (who will, in turn, reach over 4,500 students in 2021) with free professional development and classroom resources designed to:

  • Engage students in a meaningful exploration of identity and how the assumptions we make about each other can lead to divided communities
  • Develop students' ability to think critically and understand how the lessons from history have relevance today
  • Empower and inspire students to make choices that actively contribute to creating a more inclusive community 

"The work that Facing His1604503988_20200129_130028_(2).jpgtory is doing will help to create a more understanding and socially conscious generation that will hopefully go on to change the world!” (Facing History student)

What we will use your donation for:

Providing FREE training, resources and support 

Teachers are currently experiencing the most complex and challenging school year ever. Many are in the position of supporting students through these difficult times without having any formal training on teaching through a pandemic or grappling with issues of race and systemic inequalities. Every penny we receive will be put towards publishing critical teaching resources, and providing teachers with the online training and support they need to empower and inspire their students to stand up for an inclusive and just society.

"[Facing History activities] … encourage participation and informed debate, critical thinking and deeper reflection, and careful consideration of deep moral questions by all students. … [they] can guide young people towards considering their own choice to act and take part in creating a more connected and empathetic society. Empowering our students in this way has quite literally transformed our school." (Head teacher) 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Bag and book

If you donate £25 or more you will receive a Facing History book exploring topics such as identity and belonging and a Facing History tote bag.

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Webinar on community building

If you donate £50 or more, you will receive access to an exclusive Facing History webinar exploring strategies for creating inclusive and just communities. You will receive a link to access the webinar when it is available in early 2021

£100 or more

Invitation to a live learning event

If you donate £100 or more, you will be invited to an online learning event where you can actively participate in a live session on how we can all play a part in creating a more inclusive and just society. We will email you with details of events as they are scheduled.

Let's make 'Stand Up for an Inclusive and Just Society' happen

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