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In order to provide better opportunities to our cadets we need to raise money to refurbish our facilities and make them accessible to all.

by Bournemouth SCC RMC in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Bournemouth Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets is one of over 400 Sea Cadet Units nationwide, and one of 200 with a Royal Marine Detachment. A single Parade Night can see between 30-40 cadets step through our doors, although the building facilities can cater for up to 75. The cadets who attend are supported by 15 members of staff who are all volunteers and are trained to a standard that is set by the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC)  and Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC). We are extremely fortunate to have volunteers who have first hand experience of being in the forces and are able to apply their skills and knowledge into our training program.

As a uniformed youth organisation, our ethos and many aspects of the SCC are based on the traditions of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Following this our Cadets are trained in similar skills e.g. seamanship, navigation and waterborne activities etc. But they are also provided with an additional range of opportunities that aren't' accessible through schools, such as mountain biking, archery and camp craft etc. A large number of our training opportunities lead to nationally recognised professional qualifications like NVQ, BTech and Duke of Edinburgh. With with these opportunities we are able to empower our young people with options, confidence and integrity, enabling them to better themselves and seek the future with opportunities they wish to gain.

 Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets are often described by our young people as an extended family. Joining the sea cadets removes any socio-economic, or ethnic identity; once part of the corps, you are forever a part of it. We are a place where young people are free to express themselves, feel safe, protected, and missed when they are absent.  Not only do we support the cadets through training and qualifications, our staff also work to develop their personal skills, providing them with practical knowledge they need as they step into the adult world.

We act as a stable and safe environment for the young people in the local community and surrounding areas. Located in the 226th most deprived area in the UK (noted in the Index of Multiple Deprivation where 1 is most deprived to 32,844 as the least deprived area) our work is crucial to the community and the mental well being of the young people that come in to contact with us. We are in a position to offer young people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, a safe, inspiring, productive and potentially a vocational alternative instead of taking part in crime and activities of antisocial behaviour. 

The SCC is the leading body on the constitution adopted by each individual unit across the country and each unit is an individual charity registered to the Charity Commission. As a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 301756), we are responsible for raising enough funds to cover the running costs of our building and assets as well as being able to financially support any of our cadets access training opportunities. To do this, we have a Unit Management Committee  (UMC) who monitor and control all finances and deal with all legislation relating to the Unit. As like many other youth organisations, the cadets are asked to provide their &subs& each night they attend to help cover costs for the building. This fee is kept to a minimum, however, we know that not all of our cadets may be able to afford this fee and so we will support them by reducing or in some cases removing the fee. This ensures that we are able to allow everyone the opportunity to take part in Cadets.

The costs we are hoping to raise will go towards installing a lift within our unit to make the entire premises accessible to all. As the unit doubles up as a community centre, it is vital that everyone within the community and all who enter the building have an equal opportunity to access every activity taking place within. Within our lease, we discovered it is a requirement that any disabled users must be able to access the upstairs of the building. A council representative sits on our committee who is working with us to effectively communicate the best possible solution to our task. With a recent change in committee members and their roles, this is a task that we have quickly into action as it had been sat with the previous committee. We have already secured £10,000, which makes up half of the required costs, through the Awards for All and we also have support from another grant source, the Talbot Village Trust, who are holding their maximum grant of £5,000 to go toward our project. This leaves us with £5,000 remaining to complete our project. In addition to grant applications, we have been holding social events within in the unit in order continue to build our funds, no matter the size of the contribution.

Our volunteers as well as the cadets and their families work so hard to support the running of our unit and providing unique learning opportunities to the cadets.. We thoroughly appreciate every ounce of support we receive and work throughout the year to give back to the community in return. We sincerely hope we are a charity you wish to support and know that you are helping a number of young people in our community achieve their goals.

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