Face Masks for Less Privileged Children

by Help Cover the smiles in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Face Masks for Less Privileged Children


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The aim of this project is to help the less privileged Children and afford them a decent face mask during tge Covid19 Epidemic

by Help Cover the smiles in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

As the World is being traumatised by the Covid19 Epidemic i couldn't stop wondering how hard life will be for the less privileged families. Now with the terrible news of a new strand of Covid 19 spreading uncontrollably the past few weeks i fear we will be in this for a long time than we had anticipated.

After seeing posts on social media more of which are in Africa of less privileged children wearing torn masks and even cloth materials that dont even fit their tiny faces properly its scary to wonder how much that endangers their lives, it has been hard enough not to have food or water or a roof over their heads and decent clothes, but now to struggle to protect oneself and reduce chances of infection and also protect others is one bigger problem on top of the endless they have had to put up with that life throws at them.

This project aims to help the Children and restore their dignity and feel safe, to afford them a decent perfect sized mask that will serve the purpose of protecting them and fit in the new normal expectations of survival of,???? wearing a mask, to enter classrooms, shops and public areas freely without being turned away and embarrassed of their "alternative face coverings " 

Please take a step and open your heart ❤ and help me help the little ones, we do love seeing their smiles as they give hope but now the only hope they have themselves is to be able to cover those smiles. Help me cover the little smiles and protect them????????

Let's make 'Face Masks for Less Privileged Children' happen

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