Sensory Therapeutic Hand Massage: Dementia Support

by Beautiful You UK in United Kingdom

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A comprehensive package to support Emotional Connection & Wellbeing for those living Dementia by empowering Caregivers skills & confidence.

by Beautiful You UK in United Kingdom

The UK's First Dementia Friendly Massage and Beauty Therapy Specialists. 

Help bring 'Beautiful You UK Sensory Therapeutic Hand Massage Kits' to enhance the lives and wellbeing of those living with Dementia, to the UK Market. 


With the overwhelming response received from so many thousands of caregivers after announcing Beautiful You UK's Sensory Therapeutic Hand Massage Kit, used to ease the physical and emotional symptoms of dementia, we are launching our campaign. Raising awareness of quality care through a non-pharmacological management approach available to all caregivers. Crowdfunding theses Kits will mean we can have them ready available to go across the UK, and affordable to all caregivers who desperately want to help support the ones they care for. 

Beautiful You UK has specifically formulated a complete package for Caregivers and the ones they care for. With our combined 30 years dementia care experience, studies and research from leading psychotherapists, the work we complete is specifically tailored to ease the problems associated to behavioural symptoms of dementia. There are incredible health benefits from our work, both physically and emotionally:

  • Alleviate anxiety, agitation and depression
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Relax and enhance moods
  • Soothe aches and pains
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Boost circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Build emotional connections
  • Reduces late day confusion / *Sundowning 

*Within our work we have seen the incredible benefits of rest and relaxation for both the receiver and caregivers wellbeing, along with ways to connect emotionally, for both to have a restful period when needed most (see sundowning) : Sundowning


Therapeutic massage can ease problems associated and linked too many illnesses. The physical and emotional distress that leads to unsettling symptoms of an illness can be significantly reduced by massage, our therapeutic massage is beneficial to all care needs, stages of dementia and quality end of life care (see emotional connection at end of life): Emotional Connection at End of Life

Providing this therapeutic and tactile experience is a wonderful non-verbal way to communicate tenderness and care, and build the connection between a caregiver and to whom they care for. Lack of human contact is only one of the problems that can lead onto further emotional problems for individuals receiving care. It can cause depression, loneliness, affection deprivation, stress, and poorer health overall.


Our campaign highlights the demand for more resources like this, to build skills and confidence when providing quality care through a non-pharmacological management approach, and should be available for all caregivers. 

In the current uncertainty and times, the UK again takes precaution to protect those most vulnerable. During the last period of isolation it caused a shocking level of decline for people living with dementia. Changes in social contact and routine stimulation will have a direct impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. There is no doubt that feelings of isolation and loneliness will be at an all time high. Additional support, services and resources are required now, to help emotional wellbeing, more than ever before for the individuals and the caregivers. 


If you are willing to contribute to our donation platform, we are eternally grateful. The campaign will be regularly updated. Funds will be invested into reducing manufacturing costs, invested into formulating Beautiful You UK products, reducing overheads, making this package accessible and affordable for the millions of unpaid UK Carers. It will enable us to distribute resources to caregivers within communities and healthcare professionals working across the Dementia Sector, helping to support them and who they care for. 

Please help us share our campaign by sharing and talking, we appreciate all our supporters help. Thank You 

Kelly & Team Beautiful You UK 


Crowdfunding to bring Beautiful You UK Sensory Therapeutic Hand Massage Kits to UK Market. Please support us by donating to make this possible.

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