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I’m raising £25,000 to deliver innovative training to Schools in Africa to optimise students’ learning & well-being in COVID 19 recovery

by EYSIER in United Kingdom

In Africa many schools are under resourced and are trying to catch up in the COVID 19 recovery in complex times and when the African Union supports: elections with democratic outcomes; countering violent extremism; evolving gender relationships; optimising competences for critical thinking, tolerance, respect and peace; propelling strong entrepreneurial economies with labour markets with and for the people that underpin progressive investment in construction of infrastructure.  

The Masters level course I have developed from over 30 years working in the quadruple helix and 20 years completing international comparative research into education, social and economic policy in the quadruple helix - at alisontaysum.com - Empowers Young Societal Innovators for Equity and Renewal.

The course seeks to develop teacher leaders to develop future signatories at the table of and for peace and social and economic well-being as outcomes for all.

The African partners I am working with cannot afford the course fees because budgets have been diverted to financing responses to COVID 19 and the journey to recovery.

I am seeking this money to deliver the course to my African partners so they can be beneficiaries of the course outcomes without having to pay the course fees themselves.

The £25,000 will fund five iterations of the Masters level course to educational leaders in five schools. The course lasts 6 months. The course leads to a Gold, Silver or Bronze EYSIER for PEACE Charter Mark Award that is assessed by the submission of a groundwork case that addresses a strategic goal the participants choose that maps to optimising students’ learning and well-being. The course takes an action research approach to develop logical, empirical and ethical change strategies. The change  is reported in the case which is developed step by step over the duration of the course. The groundwork case demonstrates improvements in learning using tools provided during the course mapped to developing competences and the EYSIER Charter Mark Grading System that maps to the European Qualification Framework Competences identified. Meeting these competences empowers students to transition to maturity ready to meet demand in the labour market and to create new markets and new demand that propels local entrepreneurial  economies.

Meeting competences outlined above provides the thinking tools students need to meet the disciplinary expectations of the national education offer and apply these in creative ways that generate new ways of thinking and doing. This innovation can create wealth with new more equitable and transparent partnerships that are sustainable and kind to people and planet.

The final submission of the groundwork case is edited and submitted for peer review to be considered for publication in the Journal of Groundwork Cases and Faculty of Judgement that is online and open access. This journal is also available at alisontaysum.com with the Massive Online Open Access Course (MOOC) and details of the EYSIER Special Interest Group and international research team events and newsletters associated with this project.

The course builds leadership capacity by building professional networks between course participants and teacher leaders in other schools. The course trains participants to be knowledge workers in the knowledge economy. In this way the course empowers the participants to become the trainers in their region using the Massive Online Open-Access Coirse (MOOC).  The business model is one that transfers the income generation from the course provider in this business model (Dr Alison Taysum) to the participant/learner/client as the student becomes the teacher with the culturally relevant expertise to build capacity using the 6 months training gained on the course. This transformation is made possible by this funding. The business model plans to provide quality assurance and advice on optimising success in meeting course outcomes where necessary after the new trainers start to deliver the course themselves. This will empower those, on successful completion of the course, to use the MOOC to build capacity for optimising African students’ learning and well-being for social and economic prosperity and to become ambassadors for peace. This meets the African Union challenge to silence the guns and build sustainable strong economies with evolving gender relationships and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals step by step.

The course fees for each iteration of the course are £5000 and I need to pay the platform’s fees from this money.

The course is innovative because it teaches up to 15 teacher leaders per iteration, which can cost £150,000 if delivered by for profit providers registering individual students who i) work alone rather in collaboration in a team, and ii) are not provided with an offer to build capacity for optimising students’ learning and well-being by becoming the providers of the course. The EYSIER with PEACE course hands the provision of the course over to those who have successfully met the EYSIER grading system, supported by quality assurance frameworks and mentoring at a modest cost if required.

Providing five iterations of the course with total course fees of £25,000 could cost £750,000 if provided to 75 individuals by for profit organisations.

When I have reached each milestone of £5000 & paid all platform fees and given rewards as set out in the rewards promise, I will start a new iteration of the course with African partners. This funding is for the business plan that allows provision of 5 iterations of the course in a 6 month period.

This course offers vital training at a time of Covid 19 recovery when African communities need to move from the isolation of the COVID 19 lockdowns, to reconnecting again with themselves and with each other. Reconnecting therefore is not just  physically in the same space but also mentally and emotionally for both healing and to renew community cohesion that recognises and honours diversity for peace and prosperity for all.

Endorsements for my postgraduate teaching: :https://www.alisontaysum.com/testimonials

A full explanation of the EYSIER Charter Mark is available at alisontaysum.com and in publications by the International Consortium:

Taysum, A. (2019) Education Policy as a Road Map to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Southport: Emerald Publishing. 

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Taysum, A., Ruşitoru, M., and Kallioniemi, A. (2019) Empowering Young Societal Innovators for Equity and Renewal using ABCDE, European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research 6, (2) pp. 6-16 available at: https://journals.euser.org/index.php/ejser/article/view/4519


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