Eyes Unclouded

A quest to see and document the world with "eyes unclouded" through volunteering projects and a love for acrobatic expression.

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What is this madness?

A quest to see and document the world with "eyes unclouded" through volunteering projects and a love for acrobatic expression.


The Project

Our first Project is with Great White Projects in South Africa. It is a project very close to our hearts. We will be spending 4 weeks in South Africa learning about Great Whites through cage dives, analytics and exposure to people who have been working closely with these magnificent creatures for years. We will will literally eat, sleep and breathe sharks for the 4 weeks with full day excursions where we not only educate ourselves but also visiting tourists. Alongside the Shark experience we will be working in a Recycle Swap Shop for much of our stay. The Swap Shop is a beautiful idea that allows children to collect plastics found washed up on the beach and exchange them for school supplies and equipment. This is obviously beneficial to both the environment and the children who live there. It also allows us to meet and talk with local residents.

You can check Great White Projects website here:

(all the info for the project is contained within the volunteer section)


Your Funds

All the money that is donated will go towards paying for the volunteer program. The funds are used by the organisation to maintain the eco system/habitat of the Sharks. It goes towards educating the public on the animal and It also goes towards running the Recyling Swop Shop. The cost of the volunteer project is £900 per person.


Visions with Why


Fiona's Vision:


My love for Travelling

My Inspiration to travel came a few years ago when I decided to pursue a closely guarded childhood dream. When i was 12 I always wanted to swim with Dolphins. Believing Mexico was the only place to do it, it becamse a dream to visit there. Upon later realising that Dolphins did infact inhabit a bit more of the world (quite a delightful discovery), my desire to visit Mexico did not waver. The following years after achieving my childhood dream i began to see the real beauty of what lay just outside my doorstep. I was slowly and still am witnessing how much there is to learn about other cultures, people and the natural world which engulfs us and acts as our home. An emergent goal has formed within me; I wish to live in harmony with world around me and preserve it's beauty as best as possible.




Why Africa and the Great White

I've always had an unwavering passion towards rescuing wildlife and reversing the damage we humans have done to the beautiful world that we are unequivecably and irrevocably a part of. As i grew older, my passion focused itself on Marine life and the divine habitats they reside in. No longer being in the business of letting dreams slip by the wayside I began searching for a way to make possible dream#2! When i heard of White Shark Projects in Cape Town i was immediately thrilled and overwhelmed. Great White's are feared people all across the world. Though our fear may be justly placed, our actions in response to this fear are not. Great Whites are slaughtered year after year just through misunderstanding and fear. These animals hurt humans so sedlomly and yet feel the wrath of humans all to frequently. I feel the best way to put a stop to this is through education and Great Whtie projects enables those with that vision to do exactly that.





Andy's Vision


"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride"


My vision is simple. I am a thrill seeker at heart and a student at mind. Adrenaline and passion fuel me; knowledge reminds me there is more.


The experience that you are all helping me achieve is something I never saw myself doing. When I was first turned on to this idea by my partner I had no idea i'd find myself nodding and agreeing to it straight away. 


I've never left Europe in-spite of my love for travelling and appreciation for world cultures. Aside from a 3 week visit to Disney World Florida (hardly a culture shock) and a 1 week visit to Iceland (possibly the most beautiful country in the world) I have never left comfortable old Europe. It is both beautiful and captaviating to me that slightly differing environmental presets lead to vastly differing and opposing cultures, habitats and life. To witness and interact with these differences first hand is something I believe to be enlightening and enhancing for the human experience. Perceptions are broadened by such experiences and from greater perception comes greater understanding. With enough understanding positive change and insight can be gained. I wish to see more of the world; to become something great than my current being, to give back the beauty I see in it everyday.


Together we wish to see the world; to learn about it and to act in a way that is virtuous to all. We wish to emerse ourselves in farflung communities and brazenly emerge with deeper understanding and heightened passion for that which binds our existence.


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