Eye opener for UK- you like it or not. Pure facts.

by Ashfaq Shaikh in London, England, United Kingdom

Eye opener for UK- you like it or not. Pure facts.
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An eye opener with pure facts how politicians are busy enslaving citizens with fake news, media and lies. Stop human brainwash! Make a stand

by Ashfaq Shaikh in London, England, United Kingdom

The project is soully aimed at opening eyes blinded and diverted by British politics. Diverting the facts to one subject whilst they introduce a new set of laws to enslave people and capitalise on its own citizens. Once a happy go lucky character with charisma and prestige. All gone down the drain when you realise what the government has been upto since 2015. It's only something many British  would understand after the eye opener. The pride, the British ego, all used to brainwash and cash in on by politicians with financial interest inbusinesses that are busy aggressively pushing British people's limits to the max. All you have to do is compare 1999-2009 and then compare 2009-2019. It's all a true eye opener if you out recession to one side, as  if all's deliberately planned and strategies by the politicians. Fascinating facts, who like to read facts and have a can do attitude in actually changing how the direction of how politicians are enslaving their citizens whether be immigration policies, Ultra Low Emissions, Congestion charges in the name of environment and Greenpeace, Brexit. Its all blaming game, but cashing on these emotional stress factors of our everyday lives. Enough is enough. Time to fight back and make a difference. Just not entirely sure if people still have a brain left or are brainwashed with policies introduced in the past decade. The idea is to show a bigger picture to understand exactly what is happening to this world rather than just picking one topic. The idea is to look at the roots of it, rather just deal with one present situation. Physics tells us, for every action, theres always a reaction. Like the words or not, but it's a fact, and facts are always bitter truth hard to gulp. I hope people can finally open their blind eyes towards this message and for once think with a brain to save humanity, tradition, culture and everything the world was a decade ago (pre-2009). The idea is to show exactly what the truth is. Stop living like zombies believing in rights which aren't even  there. Like explained,, you have to experience it to believe it. The aim of the government is to demolish basic human rights and create a nation of workers, nothing but numbers. People have no idea or are incapable of understanding the true extent of reality as they're too busy with their lives, it's a cycle created deliberately which needs to be broken. I hope people can understand this.

Let's make 'Eye opener for UK- you like it or not. Pure facts.' happen