ExtraTicket is an Online Movie/Event Ticket Aggregation Software which provide a centralised ticket booking experience for end users.

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ExtraTicket is an aggregator service for the entertainment industry whereby we can assist you with information and ticketing for movies and various other events across many cities all over United Kingdom.

www.extraticket.co.uk  lets you book movie tickets in your favourite cinema in the simplest, easiest and the smartest way without the unnecessary glitz. Search, Choose & Book movie tickets. It can't get simpler than this.

www.extraticket.co.uk  is a platform for booking movie/events tickets via online means. This works as an aggregation portal which aggregates tickets from various cinemas and multiplexes within United Kingdom. Our primary focus will be on Cinemas but also cover the event/concert/sports ticketing as well.

Business Model

Our Business Model is one of those rare business model examples based on the internet that actually build revenue as internet handling fees / convenience fees on consumer services. We will charge a small convenience fees on every ticket that will be booked through the platform and ~80% of revenue will be on ticketing.

How it works..!!


ExtraTicket API integrates with multiple cinemas in the United Kingdom which provides the real time view of the ticket availbility based on time, venue and seat availability. This project will primarly focus on the target audience in United Kingdom.  End users can buy the tickets through our easy access web portal  and tickets will be delivered to their mobile and email after payment.

We are looking for necessary investments to explore the development process and make an easy and convinient experience for the users. 

Given the stage that we are at initial transformation, propose an investment plan as part of our initial investment base. To top it all, basis what we can earn and how it impacts our long term valuation...

“Every single penny can impact valuation by millions.”

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