The good life or trying at least!

The good life or trying at least!

We are trying to raise funds to help change our family home into a small holdings that is mainly self sufficient.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are trying to raise funds to help make our family home into a small holding type project that is as self sufficiant as we can manage and teach our son a different way of life.

Myself, Hubby and our four year old son Noah have recently moved into a 1930's house on the edge of a small village.

We are going to attempt to make the house and land work for us and be as self sufficiant as we can.

We believe that these days children do not understand where food comes from etc. so we are trying to show our son how food is grown and how rewards come from hard work.

We have recently hatched our own chickens in an incubator hopefully to produce eggs for us in the future.

We are hoping to grow fruit and veg for my son to sell at a little stall outside the front of our house.

i have told him that if he helps to grow the produce then he can keep the rewards, likewise with the chickens, if he helps to look after them then he will also in time hopefully be able to sell the eggs on his stall.

we plan to make jars of pickled onions and eggs and also jams and chutney's to help provide for us.

with regard to the house, we are hoping to use solar panels on the roof which will supply most of the electric that will be used.

we will install an air flow heat pump system instead of a boiler to supply heating to the house which is much more efficient and uses renewable resources.

As we are in the UK it seems very important to also recycle the rainwater so we are looking into ways that this can be done.

However without a bit of help from the good public i am not sure if we will be able to provide the good way of life for my family and I.

Anyone who is willing to help us with our project and make a pledge it would be greatly appreciated and help us to show my son a different way of life instead of the normal rat race of modern life and childrens days revolving around computer games.

 thank you from the Last family xxx