Extendable Hanger
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need to improve my prototype for the extendable Hanger that fits to a shopping trolley to enable the sale to Supermarket Chains

by Roy Lloyd Extendable Hanger in Denton, England, United Kingdom

I have a UK patent on an extendable Hanger for a shopping trolley. I had a major supermarket chain interested in trialling it in 25 stores but, unfortunately, I didn't meet the procurement protocol. I rushed the making of the prototype as  the supermarket wanted to see one urgently. Unfortunately, I now need to perfect the prototype and pay for engineering drawings to enable correct manufacturing costs. 

Once the prototype is acceptable, I can then carry out my plan and pursue the funding to make my dream a reality. There are approx 15000 major supermarket stores with approx 1000 trolleys each, this is just in Europe alone. Each store manager would provide payment once the store fit was complete. This would allow a decent cash flow to continue funding more and more stores without a 90 day payment plan which would stifle the project from the start. The extendable Hanger could help the Major supermarket chains regain the market share that the budget shops gave taken from them. They could increase clothing sales and offer a wider, improved clothing range to the loyal customer base. Clothes could remain on the Hanger at the tills and have a biodegradable cover to protect them from store to car. I envisage something along the lines of a dry cleaning bag. This would also help with each stores carbon footprint. The extendable Hanger would not interfere with view when manoeuvring around the store. It also fits the disabled trolley and does not affect the nesting of trolleys when in the closed position.

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