Ecstatic Dancing Project for vulnerable women

by Yana Valcheva in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Ecstatic Dancing Project for vulnerable women
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To empower and support women in crisis by offering ecstatic dance workshops. It is so important to reconnect and heal our bodies

by Yana Valcheva in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

I would be very grateful to receive the financial support that would help me make my vision to offer ecstatic dance workshops for vulnerable women and girls. 

The money I ask is 50% of the cost of the training and I would like to reach out to women's charities, refugees and vulnerable young women and run free events to celebrate and share the generosity that had been so kindly offered to me.

For the last 10 years, most of my work has been supporting women's health and vitality through bodywork, yoga, meditation and birth support work. 

  I would like to offer women in crisis a  free opportunity to reconnect to their feminine body and heal. 

I feel that life can become very demanding, linear and rigid as we keep going in the fast rhythm of demanding work schedule, nurturing children and families, putting other people's needs in front of our own, we can end up depleted, stressed and lost into our lives. It may seem there is no time or space for peace, freedom and joy, especially for those recovering from abuse, or in a difficult situation, alone, isolated or facing a crisis.

The rigidity could settle in our bodies and limit the free, organic and creative expression of our inner being. 

Dance, rhythm and breath liberate the body and mind from blockages, relaxing stress – opening out into peaceful wakeful spaciousness and a gracefully flowing life.  Awakening the life energy in our bodies, releasing trauma, open fully to our capacity for aliveness and deep healing, peace, joy and free-flowing creativity

 is always what I wanted to offer.

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