Expression Small School

Expression Small School

Expression Small school is a small scale alternative education project for children in central Portugal. For children of all ages.

We did it!

On 6th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,270 with 23 supporters in 56 days

Expression Small school is an alternative education project in central Portugal. We are trying to create a space where children can learn in an unhurried and relaxed way.  Activities are practical and child lead. We all learn together, children and adults. Children help decide what we learn and how, and then we all create the rules and run the project together. Portuguese and English children work alongside each other in a family environment. Teachers support the children to learn for themselves and to question everything! There is not another project yet like it in Portugal. We need to raise funds to apply for School status in Portugal for next year. This is the only way that we can remain outside of the Portuguese education system with its exams and tests each year. We have set the project up on a shoestring and would love to be able to afford to register as an international school. This involves fees to join a regulatory body in the UK, fees for registering as a school, and fees to set up the organisation here in Portugal to operate as a School. The council here have been great and given us a building to use, however equipment for the school space and resources are currently paid for by the staff themselves. We would love to grow the project and allow as many children to attend as possible. We would also love to have a bursary pot of money for families who need it and would like to attend, but can't afford to. The children who attend get to learn not only about the outside world, but themselves and what they think and feel. They can explore what they love to learn or not in an encouraging and supportive environment. They are given the space and time to go at their own pace and not be in competition with anyone else around them. By supporting the project you are supporting many home educating families within Central Portugal, and families who would love their children to be able to learn and grow with others without the pressure of tests and exams every year. 

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