Expose the dark money driving Brexit

by openDemocracy in London, England, United Kingdom

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We want to expose the dark money bankrolling our politics.

by openDemocracy in London, England, United Kingdom

geohowe 22nd March 2019

Because many of these people wanting to leave the EU are rich crooks and are only doing it to enrich themselves in one way or another.

dapice.mike 15th March 2019

We all should know who (me included) provides how much financial support to political parties/groups that actively attempt to influence our collective decision making. I also believe no one individual or entity should be able exert greater influence than the average contribution anonymously.

Amy Hoy 12th March 2019

You have done such amazing work for so long, from establishing the funds for the dodgy metro cover to outing the ERG names, doing the right thing every day. Many, many thanks. I wish I could do more to help you and the team.

Bruce Hewison 9th March 2019

It takes a person with guts and determination to delve into the murky parts of society and bring the truth forward. There are too many people who sit on their hands and complain but do nothing. Thank god there are heroes like you. Thank you

Roger Harvey 8th March 2019

There are too many unelected, rich and unscrupulous individuals using their wealth to influence and distort our politics - it's simply grotesque and shows a total contempt for democracy

Pat Latham 6th March 2019

Sadly even though the Brexit funding was illegal, it’ll probably not make any difference to the outcome as we’ll still leave as soon as possible.

Let's make 'Expose the dark money driving Brexit' happen