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We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £55,535 with 98 supporters in 126 days

A creative learning agency bringing real world opportunities to ordinary children so they can achieve extraordinary things together.

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Explorium is an innovative creative learning agency intent on bringing about widespread change to the educational landscape by collaborating with schools to introduce creative freedom into the school day. 

Anything is possible at Explorium. We encourage all of our learners to use their imagination and think big, to take risks, make mistakes, try over and over again, and embrace the often difficult but exciting journey to success. We want all of our children to reach their potential, and we work with each child to discover what makes them tick. Then we bring what they love to do into creative learning projects where boundaries are pushed, limitations are challenged, and education is brought into the real world. We don’t know what life will be like for our kids in the future, but we know ours will be ready for it.



In September 2016 we will open our first on-school Explorium site at Ansford Academy. This will enable us to work together with Ansford's teaching team to have far bigger impact on young people's journey through education to employment. This collaboration will enable us to develop this on-site model, as a low-cost sustainable solution, which we will look to roll out across the UK, and ultimately internationally.

Having exceeded our crowdfunder target we are now able to offer our innovation at a subsidised rate to local schools through our Learning Credit Scheme which uses Clios - Credit for Learning from the Inside Out - to match fund up to 50% of the cost to schools. 





At Explorium we turn everything into a real learning opportunity so our limited edition T-Shirts will be designed by our learners using our draft critique process to get the best designs possible.

See what 6 year old Oscar achieved through draft critique. 


Memory Sticks


Our explorium slapwrist 16GB memory sticks are preloaded with a few Learning Challenges designed to develop the 4Cs; Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration. 

Explorium Experience Holidays Half/Full Days

 Learning at Explorium is hands on, active and creative and designed to get our children learning to the edges of their ability. They may be set challenges, such as, build a marble run that defies gravity, or given briefs to produce an animation or film based on a word, such as, 'curiosity' such as this short animation See our holidays in action to see what your child could be getting up to when you pledge.


Explorium Experience School Days 

We integrate technology into all our learning so this is a great way to get children creatively bringing their ideas to live, as in this short film where one of our learners clones himself using special FX! 


What if our children could run away with the Circus? This was the question Julia found herself asking a team of volunteer parents when given the task of raising funds for her daughter's school. Nine months later they had trained all 106 children to be circus acts performing a 90 minute show and raising invaluable funds for some new school buildings. They won the national PTA award and realised that when learning is real children can achieve some extrordinary things.  Over the next two years and more successful creative events the brick wall of the education system began to take its toll. It placed limitations on what was possible when you look at learning in a different way. So we headed into the woods where there were no walls!


Almost a year later, in September 2012, we opened our first supplementary education programme in the skittle alley of a local pub with a group of 15 children. Six weeks later we opened our first centre in a former rural primary school in Compton Dundon, Somerset. We opened up to children during holidays and after school. We spent our first two years constantly redesigning our practice to be in line with our vision of ‘learning from the inside out’.


 In June 2015 we opened to local state schools and within a week had five schools signed up to our Wired For Learning project.  Our growth strategy for the next two years includes opening our first Explorium on the site of Ansford Academy in September 2016. This will enable us to perfect our low cost sustainable model so that we can collaborate with more schools in the UK. 


 We have our sights set on changing the educational landscape at a grassroots and policy level. We know it will be hard work. We expect setbacks and will be taking some big risks, but that is the ethos of Explorium so we'd expect nothing less. If you want to be a part of this evolving journey then help us get the chance to pitch to Richard Branson. Be part of our equation. Be part of the change. 


Current Supporters

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