Exploring London with Ama and Neri children's book

by pelena cosme adesuyi in London, England, United Kingdom

Exploring London with Ama and Neri children's book


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Exploring London with Ama and Neri is a fun and colourful children's picture book that inspires families with toddlers to explore London

by pelena cosme adesuyi in London, England, United Kingdom


The vision came from my real life epic adventures with my daughters Ama and Neri around famous and iconic London locations and chronicling these first on my WhatsApp stories causing me to be flooded by messages from friends and family such as; can we come on your next adventure, how do you travel with two toddlers and where do you recommend I take my children around London too.

Then the idea came to create a book inspiring all families with toddlers, more specifically families from black and ethnic minority to go on their own fun-filled adventures around creative and artistic spaces in London as well as the city farms, zoo and trampoline parks to create life-long memories.

My vision is to release this book in late August 2019 whilst the weather is still warm to promote families to go and create memories around famous London spaces. 

Key features 

The book's most amazing features are the bright and engaging illustrations, relatable language and experiences woven into the story, fun and rhyming content and most importantly; the book lists Ama and Neri's top 10 London child focused London activities at the back of the book giving families a start point for their adventures!

Why this book is needed

I wanted to create a quintessentially British book that featured black and ethnic minority characters to reflect the multi-cultural make up of the greatest city in the world, London. A report by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education discovered that in fact only a mere 1% of children's book in the UK featured a black and minority ethnic main character in 2017 - this book has two! Representation allows children to have a sense of confidence, pride and reflects the reality of life as they see it as they move in different spaces around London.

The Team

I have been supported by amazing and creative women who helped this book become a reality, my coach Nicole McFarlane who has been pivotal in instilling confidence, direction and informing me about this great crowdfunding platform. Oyinkan Brathwaite the author of 'My Sister the Serial Killer' and recently nominated for The Women's Prize for Fiction 2019, without her this book would still just be an idea as well as unedited! Last but by no means least Candy-Chic Blossoms who is already preparing beautiful decorations and treats for the launch event.


The money raised will go towards the illustrations, graphic design, printing and marketing.


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