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A 21 day trip across Wales visiting 42 amazing experiences and giving back to front line staff by enabling them to try the experiences.

by Simon Grice in United Kingdom


We're planning an epic 21 day project to showcase & celebrate outdoor, active, adventure & wellbeing experiences & their hosts across Wales and to enable front line & NHS Wales staff to come and enjoy those experiences at no cost to themselves.

We'll be visiting 42 experiences which is 2 per day and at each one we'll be interviewing the hosts, the front line & NHS Wales staff enjoying the experience (before, during and after) to get their reactions and filming the experience in 4k, 360 and aerial footage.

We are aiming to raise a minimum of £5k which will allow us to fund the project costs (filming, editing, travel, overheads, admin & marketing/PR) and enable a minimum of 84 front line & NHS Wales staff to come and enjoy the experiences.  All funds raised over that minimum will go directly to enabling more front line & NHS Wales staff to come and enjoy experiences across Wales during this Summer & Autumn and capturing additional drone and 360 video footage of the experiences.


We are going to deliver the following during the project:

1) Enable a minimum of 84 front line & NHS Wales staff to come and enjoy the experiences over the course of the 21 days.

2) Live daily coverage of the trip broadcast on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram with videos & photos of each of our experience visits.

3) Social media awareness, national & local PR awareness and exposure for the project and each of our experience hosts.

4) Digital postcards sent to all our backers twice a day.

5) Photos & video footage (in 360, 4k & aerial format) of each of the experiences and the stunning locations across Wales.

6) Promotional videos for each of the experience hosts featuring interviews with the front line & NHS Wales staff who enjoyed the experience for the first time.

7) The exclusive Experience Wales Live photobook with over 50 pages of stunning photos, quotes and stories.


Our team has the right skills, experience and contacts to give the project every chance of success.

Management & Filming

Simon Grice

Simon is the founder of the project. Simon has a wide experience in digital platforms and was also the founder and leader of the highly successful Glide Britain  that raised £40k in total on Kickstarter & from sponsors. 


Chris Nicholas

Chris is a specialised filmmaker who has a wide experience in outdoor & active experience filming and editing. He is the founder of CNIC Films.


Marketing & Operations

Stefan Cairns

Successful marketing manager with proven accomplishments in driving digital & PR awareness. An articulate and driven leader with high energy and engaging personality. 


Catherine Robins-Jones

Outdoor event enthusiast. Catherine has 10 years of experience working across a wide variety of successful events; specialising in logistical and operational delivery. 



We'll be leaving Cardiff on the 21st June, traveling over 21 days across Wales visiting 42 experiences and their hosts arriving in Wrexham in North Wales as the trip ends on the 12th July. From South, West, Mid to North we'll be visiting every corner of Wales.



Enabling front line & NHS Wales staff to try an experience


Experience Wales Live Photobook



Name & link on the website/social media 


£10 Wellwild Gift Card voucher


Risks and challenges

The biggest risk to this project is the weather in Wales! We hope we will be blessed but have planned the itinerary so that we can move experiences around to accommodate for changes in the weather that would affect the ability to do the experiences and film them.

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