Expedition to the Amazon

Expedition to the Amazon

To accompany a group from the British Exploring Society as a Trainee Leader to the Peruvian Amazon.

We did it!

On 28th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £115 with 6 supporters in 56 days

I have been chosen to accompany a group from the British Exploring Society as a trainee leader to the Peruvian Amazon. 

My dream is to eventually set up an animal sanctuary with two grant schemes to help people like me achieve their dreams. I have taken quite a long winded aproach to my dream, studying photography at university, however I spent six months in Costa Rica last year where I studied for a BTEC in Tropical Habitat Conservation and where I realised I wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Having not studied science for some time this is proving quite difficult! 

The British Exploring Society has run several expeditions to this part of Peru and work closely with the Crees Foundation, a Peruvian not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting a sustainable Amazon through conservation research and community development. 

Working along side members of both organisations I hope to gain more scientific knowledge which will help me gain a masters qualification, but I also hope to inspire other members of the expedition to be as enthusiastic about nature and learning as I am, as well gaining experience to become a qualified expedition leader!

The money you help me raise will be put towards paying for the expedition and my equiptment. I'm currently working full time and will contribue as much as I can however any help that others can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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