Expanding The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital

by Ellie Stones in Ousden, England, United Kingdom

Expanding The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital
We did it
On 8th October 2019 we successfully raised £300 with 9 supporters in 28 days

We hope to buy a large plot of land for expansion of The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital

by Ellie Stones in Ousden, England, United Kingdom

The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation founded by Sue Stubley some 12 years ago. It is funded purely by donations, which allow the hospital to provide important medical care, food and accommodation for the hedgehogs. 

Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release the hogs back into the wild as soon as they are fit and healthy. 

However, the hospital is running desperately low on space due to ever-increasing numbers of sick and injured hedgehogs. As a result, we have had to turn away hedgehogs due to a lack of space. This is heartbreaking, which is why Sue wishes to raise enough funding to purchase a large piece of land with planning permission next to the hospital. The new land would provide enough room for triple the amount of hogs the hospital can currently take - it would be truly life-changing for the hospital and for all of the hedgehogs we care for.

The population of hedgehogs has fallen by 50% since the beginning of 2000 - please donate today and help us achieve our goal, so we can continue to save one of Britain's most iconic mammals.  

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