Expand our Family & Community Bistro

Project by Matthew Schofield
Expand our Family & Community Bistro

We are wanted to purchase new cookers, heaters, grills and fridges. Also uniforms new sign and comfy seating for out diners.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £400 with 7 supporters in 42 days

We opened the doors to our bistro just over a year ago, we have invested over £10,000 in the business, we have manged so far to get our business up to 6# restaurant in Gillingham, we have won awards for new chef of the year. We have a number of loyal customers who we are hoping will support this funding. We are trying to raise money to finish renovations on our building including the purchase of a number of new (used) equipment such as ovens, cookers, grills and finishing decoration in the kitchen area. We are also wishing to purchase new chairs and finish decorating the dining area to increase the experience for our customers, finally we are wanting to fit a new sign with lighting to help us be seen. During the last year we have helped 10 young students change their life and see a passion for cooking and this new kitchen would help with training and give people in the community a place to meet with great food. 

I have been a chef for many years and I really can’t explain the passion I have for cooking I love nothing more than teaching, cooking and serving customers. with the help of our funders we feel we could become one of the best restaurants in the area if not in the whole of Kent. 

I had to give us my first passion in life due to the fact i have an extreme condition in my leg meaning after standing for more than 5 hrs I am in so much pain, but this career is my life and my dream and i dare the pain so i can do the job I love. Please help us move to the next level. 

Please help us take this bistro to the next level, we have tried banks but as we rent we have no security. Please Please keep sharing and help make our bistro the best it can be. 

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