Experience for the Gaming Industry

Offering talented people the opportunity to gain industry experience through a global community to create games and more.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My names is Abby Roebuck I'm 22 years old and live in Sheffield, I Graduated 2 years ago from Teesside university after studying computer games animation for 3 years but have found it difficult to get a job in the gaming industry without any experience, with hardly any junior roles available, internships every other year and work experience only offering you so much it's hard not to give up.

I have tried creating my own company but it can be hard when other people have prior commitments or you find yourself one programmer short and with no funds to hire freelancers you end up with these great game ideas that never leave the shelf. 

And so, I thought to myself that it would be great if I could get in touch with more people around the world who are stuck in the same predicament i am in, and then I found crowdfunder.


My Project

I want to create a global community for Graduates and self taught creators of games to come together and earn experience. It will be an opportunity for those fresh out of university to start earning industry experience that they need before applying at a games company. 

Not only would they gain experience but also earn money and have their names in the credits of the games we make.

If enough people join we could have lots of games in the making at the same time, and its not just games, together we can make apps, shorts, animation series and lots more.

We would be making all types of games for IOS, Android, PC, Xbox and the PS but we would have to start of small, at first.

To sum it up I am trying to create something I wish was available for me when I finished University.

Also this is not just for women only, its for everyone, just wanted to make that clear in case 'Queen of code' confused anyone.



So far I am putting a website together for people to view and leave comments for game ideas and ways to get connected. Here a monthly newsletter will be viewable with exciting updates and chances for everyone to get involved in the game making process. Once this project goes live I intend to send it to as many universities I can so it gets the message out there. 

A few quick IOS games are ready to be worked on so that we can get started right away.



The money that you pledge will be used for equipment. It's easy enough to make games with the free software available but this doesn't offer you the chance to experience what it would be like at industry level.

Unfortunately the software can be pretty expensive, but we would also set up a studio where we can have a motion capture room and a sound production room and these can have a massive impact on the quality of games we make.



With all these games we will be making we are going to need character designs, names, story plots and levels. If you pledge money towards this project you can have the opportunity to be a part of the game making process. We will also be needing people to sign up for beta tests so you will have the opportunity to be a apart of this by backing.

And if you know of anyone currently studying games make sure to let them know so they can join us.


And so

I am really excited to begin this project for I believe it to be something that could really make a difference for there are so many people out there who have amazing talent but are still just waiting for that phone call, and if it doesn't come soon there is always the possibility that they will give up, believe me I've been there.

So please lets start something truly amazing and help get these graduates the experience they need!

Thank you.