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by Exotic Flavas in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim is to bring Exotic Flavas to a wider audience across the UK including shops, festivals, bars and restaurants.

by Exotic Flavas in London, England, United Kingdom

We Pride Ourselves in Providing Mouth-Watering Signature Exotic Fruit Smoothies, Smocktails and Sorbets That Will Spice Up Any Event


Exotic Flavas is a fruit and smoothie, smocktail and sorbet company that specialises in the use of exotic fruits and flavours not used in the UK.

We create products that are healthy, using natural ingredients, which are dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We also combine our Smocktails and Sorbets with the very best locally sourced alcohol from rum, vodka and whiskey companies.


My name is Mark Sheppard the founder of Exotic Flavas. Growing up in a Trinidadian household I was heavily exposed to the Caribbean culture especially the food and fruits. As I grew older I realised more and more that the fruits I was exposed to in my childhood were not readily available in the UK supermarkets, so with this and the numerous health benefits that these exotic fruits contain compared to the fruits present in the UK market I was spurred on to think of how I can bring these to the attention of the UK.

While on a night out with a friend back in August 2016 I came up with the idea to use exotic fruits in sorbets. After 4-5 months of experimenting with different fruits and recipes, I was able to launch my first set of sorbets. After testing out these sorbet recipes and perfecting them, I also decided to introduce smoothies and smocktails, (also using exotic fruits) to the product range.

With sorbets, smoothies and smocktail recipes all perfected I felt that it was the right time to release to the public and with this Exotic Flavas was born.


Our chosen charity to partner with for this crowdfunding is XLP. We have chosen this charity because we believe it is very important to help local communities and the young people living in them. Exotic Flavas founder is a father himself and has worked for a large government organisation, he has seen first-hand how young people are being affected by today’s society and government choices. The lack of opportunities and the increasingly growing trend of violence highlights that we need to do more for the youth of today and the future. They are our future and we need to invest in them because without a stable environment their futures will become a lot more difficult than it may already be.


XLP stands for 'The eXceL Project'. We are a registered charity at the cutting edge of urban youth work in the UK, working to create positive futures for young people.

Working in over 75 schools and numerous communities across London on, projects dealing with a wide variety of issues including gang culture, anger management and violence, poverty, prejudice, racism and image and identity.

XLP's staff and student volunteers constantly confront many of the issues facing young people in our communities today, such as bullying and intimidation, weapons, boredom due to a lack of organised activities, absence of parents, gangs and living in areas with high crime rates. 

For over a decade, XLP has witnessed positive stories of young people whose futures have changed from going nowhere to having hope and purpose. These stories rarely get aired but are the fuel that keeps the vision alive.

With this partnership, we plan to donate part of the money made with this crowdfunding campaign to the XLP organisation.


Our aim is to bring Exotic Flavas to a wider audience through festivals, bars and restaurants. My passion to educate and provide everyday people with the opportunities to taste fruits from different regions of the world is unstoppable. Because the UK has been in need for more ways to consume different healthy foods and for it to taste delicious these exotic fruits are something that is essential.

We have created there are 10 different recipes for our smoothies, smocktails and sorbet ranges, we only source the best exotic fruits and because our fruits are seasonal to keep them fresh we vacuum seal and freeze the fruits to preserve them so that we can supply our products at the highest quality all year round.


Exotic Flavas will be entering the smoothie market with a unique product to offer something new to an underpopulated market.

The UK smoothie market is estimated to be worth £169 million with there only being one major player being based in the UK. Our target is to raise £60k, this will allow us to take Exotic Flavas from a domestic kitchen to the people. By using a food/catering truck specifically designed to meet our needs we will be able to bring our amazing flavours to a town near you.

There are two phases to bringing this business to a larger scale:

Phase one: we plan to use the food/catering truck to increase awareness of our brand throughout the UK by travelling to different cities and festivals to serve our sorbets, smoothies and smocktails. We would buy a food/catering truck and renovate it to meet the needs we have to make sure we serve our products in the freshest way possible.

Phase two: we will look to commercialise our products with our own UK based factory on the outskirts of London to mass produce our products and offer added revenue to the UK economy  

We have a small dedicated team who have worked tirelessly to bring the brand Exotic Flavas to the streets of London. We now want to expand our operations and it can only be done with your support. So please help us on this exciting journey to turn Exotic Flavas from a dream into a reality.


“I absolutely loved the Exotic flavoured sorbet and cocktails. The taste is fantastic, I have tried all the flavours and honestly like all of them. They are healthy and refreshing! Will definitely buy again!”

“It’s a great alternative to a cocktail and I’d go even further & say better because of the exotic flavours, some of which I’ve never had before.”

“We love how they have alcoholic sorbets as well, along with real exotic flavours like Sorrel, Persimmon just to name a few!”

“Definitely a great addition to your dessert table, and a complimentary product for cakes and biscuits. We enjoyed the delights and the rich fruity range. Even the children found it a treat. A lovely way to clear your palate, ideal for any occasion”



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A thank letter from the CEO expressing his gratitude and happiness that you are travelling on this journey with Exotic Flavas

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You will receive: 1 x unique Water fruit infuser bottle 1x sorbet coupon (valid for 6 months)

£30 or more

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2x 500ML Tubs of Sorbet (Any Flavour) 2x Sorbet Coupons (Valid for 6 Months)

£50 or more

£50 Reward

3x 500ML Tubs of Sorbet (Any Flavours) 2x Sorbet Coupons (Valid for 6 Months) 1x Ticket to an Exotic Flavas Tasting event

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