Exotic Juice Co

Project by Jayson Henry
Exotic Juice Co

We aim to deliver delicious tasting fresh carribean drinks to the public. Our drinks are made daily and sold by delivery.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have always had the passion to start my own business. I started it on the side of my full time job and when the company I was working for went into administration I then had no reason not to try to progress my business to its full potential. After making hundreds of samples and distributing them to members of the public I had great feedback and business has picked up to a good level. I am currently in a position where I need to purchase more equipment to progress the business to its full potential. Example of things required are a vehicle: for delivery as I am currently doing it on foot which has limited the areas which can be covered.

Printer: for label printing to save money by self printing labels for the bottles.

Stock: to make and bottle products.

Administration fees.

10% of monthly profits will be donated to charity once profit is reached.

I started working on the business full-time 2 month's ago and due to word of mouth I have had great interest and as a result I am reaching a point where I will need to hire someone to help achieve the potential of the business.

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