'Project Exiled' - Jazz/Blues album'

'Project Exiled' - Jazz/Blues album'

Recording a jazz/blues album

We did it!

On 22nd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £175 with 8 supporters in 42 days

Background: It can be a strange and alienating experience living abroad. Whilst some people are tragically forced to escape oppression and war only to dream of the opportunity of settling in a safe environment with their loved ones, others like myself have had the luxury of making the decision and seeking the adventure and love.  This is part of my reason for doing this, whilst another huge motivation is to use my network of artists, musicians, poets and authors, to create a piece which will connect us, and hopefully others who may join in, in the attempt to describe the feeling of displacement and ambiguity that comes with living abroad.

People: I will make agreements for approximately 6 fellow musicians, 4 poets, and 4 artists, all of  whom I know and have experienced / are experiencing the same challenge. Everyone will work on an entirely voluntary basis, except for the studio engineer and those involved in cd and artwork print at the end. The idea is to collaborate around recording, writing accompanying words, and create cover and additonal artwork to a full album which, for now, is named 'Project Exiled'. The 10 tracks are written already, in the last 3 years.

What is the money for? The money is budgeted (all in time/quantity estimates based on costs I have scoped, and all as an ambitious 'up-to' amount, the project will go ahead regardless of what the final amount raised is) as follows:

£2000: Studio time (some artist will record in Denmark, but most can come here to my area where I have contact with a very reasonable local recording studio, charging £16 per hour of recording/mixing.

£1000: Printing of the CD and artwork, and costs involved with any distribution

What happens with the £ from any sold copies? Money from sold copies would be used to self-fund a version 2 of the same project, but working with refugees to create an album which is not just jazz/blues oriented, but has cover art and music which reflects a 'world' feeling. I would find this hugely exciting, and there will be a chance to involve artist pedagogues at this stage,

A little about me: My name is Thure, I am a 42-year old Danish citizen living in Brexit-zone (Leicester, England, UK) with my British wife and our three wonderful children. I work to promote the outcomes and wellbeing of children in care, and am a composing, recording and gigging musician in my  spare time. Here are a few examples of things I have been part of (the first is from a full album from 2015, the following three are examples of charity work I have been part of (these are in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, two of them with a band I am part of called Bluebird Parade which itself an international combo, and one with a collaboration called Joycelyn & the Dots):





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