Exeter Peace Shop Development Project

Exeter Peace Shop Development Project

To expand our stock to include activist literature on a wide range of subjects and create a seating area for reading and discussion.

We did it!

On 16th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £50 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

To expand our stock to include activist literature on a wide range of subjects and create a seating area for reading and discussion.

About the project

Exeter Peace Shop is located at the bottom of Fore Street in Exeter and is a not-for-profit shop staffed by volunteers and run by Exeter CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament). Exeter CND has run the Peace Shop as a pro-peace and anti-nuclear resource centre since 1980 - it has had a few different locations over the years, but has always been at the heart of Exeter's "West Quarter", and we've been at our current premises since 1992.


We are calling on friends and supporters of Exeter CND to help us expand the function of the shop by developing the back of the shop into a seating area and add a range of progressive literature to our shelves. There is a pressing need to create a base in Exeter where people can gather, learn about and discuss some of the most serious problems in our society: nuclear weapons, climate change, overpopulation, austerity, privatisation, financialisation, 'crony' capitalism, discrimination and similar matters and we will be networking on social media and at festivals to raise awareness of the new utility of the shop. We have to raise a sum of approximately £400-£650 to help with the initial cost of ordering multiple copies of some books for sale and hopefully if the target is exceeded we will also be able to invest in some reference material to keep in the shop (specifically books which are of interest but outside the budget of the average person).

Some of the money will also go towards the cost of purchasing new shelving and stacking seats (approx £250).

The seating area will be free to use and anyone will be welcome to sit down with a coffee and look through the material so you and others can acquire the knowledge we need to help combat the inequalities and wrongs in our society.


Example Titles




Noam Chomsky

·         Profit over people – neoliberalism and global order

·         Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe

·         Manufacturing consent

·         On Palestine

·         Occupy

Naomi Klein

·         This changes everything – capitalism vs climate

·         The shock doctrine – the rise of disaster capitalism

·         No Logo

David Graeber

·         The utopia of rules

Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi

·         Racing the Enemy: Stalin, Truman, and the Surrender of Japan

Gar Alperovitiz

·         Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam

·         The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb, the Architecture of an American Myth

James Mahaffey

·         Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: Ozark Mountains to Fukushima

David Cromwell

·         Why are we the good guys?

Kerry-Anne Mendoza

·         Austerity – the demolition of the welfare state and the rise of the zombie economy

James Meek

·         Private Island – why Britain now belongs to someone else

Satyajit Das

·         Extreme money – masters of the universe and the cult of risk


·         Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

Caroline Lucas

·         Honourable friends?

Owen Jones

·         The Establishment: And how they get away with it

Will Hutton

·         How Good We Can Be: Ending the Mercenary Society and Building a Great Country

Andrew Sayer

·         Why we can’t afford the rich

David Marquand

·         Mammon's Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now

Carole Adams

·         The sexual politics of meat

Natasha Walker

·         Living Dolls: the return of sexism

John Spicer

·         Biodiversity: a beginners guide

Phillip Lymbery 

·         Farmageddon: the true cost of cheap meat

Thomas Piketty/

Arthur Goldhammer

·         Capital in the 21st century


£400 approx (we will stock more than one copy of some titles)


Reference Titles


Gerd Ludwig/

Mikhail Gorbachov

·         The long shadow of Chernobyl

Phillip Jones Griffiths

·         Vietnam Inc.

·         Agent Orange – ‘collateral damage’ in Viet Nam

Nick Brandt

·         Across the ravaged land

·         On this earth, a shadow falls

Marian Stamp Dawkins CBE

·         Why Animals Matter: Animal consciousness, animal welfare and human well- being

Michael Light

·         100 Suns: 1945-1962

Professor Peter Goin

·         Nuclear Landscapes (Creating the North American Landscape)


£250 approx


Rewards can be collected from the shop or message us if you need postage!

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