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Our mission is to improve mental health and body image by addressing socially constructed beauty standards.

by Exentrique in Marshfield, Wales, United Kingdom

Exentrique is a brand that recognises the importance of making people feel included. Growing up with Eczema, I was never able to use the same products as my friends and to be honest, I was embarrassed! Even at 22, I can’t find products that tick all the boxes AND have a good impact on my skin. Exentrique is a hypoallergenic & cruelty free, gender neutral skincare brand for the majority. 

Why me?

I know how it feels to be conscious of your skin. The emotional scars are there and they are real. I soon realised I was not alone with these feelings. 1 in 8 UK adults have suicidal thoughts in relation to body image. The more i looked into this, the more I realised how unsustainable it is. I've learned a lot about myself and why I was so impacted by my skin which is what has inspired me to launch Exentrique.

Our Mission 

It is no secret that there is a link between mental health and our skin. Being bombarded with images of radiant, glowing skin can skew our perception of what is normal, causing socially constructed beauty standards that are piling on the pressures. We have a moral obligation to protect people from damaging marketing which is why we have a #BeExentrique campaign. All our products have a Be Exentrique message which means we are not just words. We will donate 10% of profits to causes inline with our values which are mental health support, gender equality and less inequalities. 


We will use the money we raise to manufacture the first run of products and launch. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

Uplifting Facial Cleanser

150ml Uplifting Facial Cleanser! - Hypoallergenic - Cruelty free - Vegan - Nut Free Formulation

£20 or more

Energising Daily Moisturiser

50ml Energising Daily Moisturiser -Hypoallergenic -Cruelty Free -Vegan -Nut Free Formulations -Hyaluronic Acid -SPF20

£30 or more

Uplifting Facial Cleanser & Refreshing Toner

150ml Uplifting Facial Cleanser 150ml Refreshing Toner Spritz -Hypoallergenic -Cruelty Free -Vegan -Nut Free Formulation

£30 or more

2X Facial Cleansers

2X 150ml Facial Cleansers

£48 or more

Uplifting Cleanser, Refreshing Toner & Moisturiser

150ml - Uplifting Cleanser 150ml - Refreshing Toner 50ml - Energising Moisturiser -Hypoallergenic -Cruelty Free -Vegan -Nut Free Formulations -SPF 20 (Moisturiser) -Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturiser)

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