Exe-Arts is a community arts initiative offering 4 months of workshops open to the public, encouraging people to try out different art forms

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Project aim

Exe-Arts is a community arts initiative offering 4 months of workshops open to the public, encouraging people to try out different art forms.


About the project


We would like to thank all those who have donated so far to our crowdfunding platform but there is still a long way to go. We need to raise additional funding in order to hire the equipment needed to do the film work for the bespoke projects. The young people have their heart set on making a film and we want to do the best that we can for them.

This is a tremendous opportunity for them to be involved in a positive activity that will build their confidence and give them a platform where they can express themselves. They will learn new skills and have some fun.

We do not want to disappoint these young people!


Alongside these arts workshops, which encourage people's creativity and enable them to meet up with other community members, there will be some bespoke project work with groups who live in the St. David’s community. These projects will be with various groups of young people whose lives are often chaotic and are often living in challenging situations. The groups include the YMCA, the Exeter Youth Offending Team, and Esther Community Hostel. In order that each group takes ownership of their project, we have asked that the participants select the creative activity they would like to explore.


We were excited to find that filmmaking has been selected by participants. In order to fulfil this wish we will have to hire a selection of film equipment over a 2 month period. We have discovered that the costs of hiring equipment and making a film are beyond our limited budget so we have decided to look to crowdfunding to find the funds needed. We do not want to disappoint these young people!


We have decided it would be a wonderful idea to make a short documentary about the Exe-Arts project in addition to the bespoke film project. We would be able to use the equipment, and more importantly the young people who have learned film making in their project, to assist with this documentary. This will give them a much fuller opportunity.


We are therefore looking to crowdfund £1000 towards the cost of equipment hire and film maker/facilitator salary.


This is a huge opportunity for the young people to really get their teeth into an exciting experience in their own community. It will give them a sense of purpose and achievement, showing the larger community that they too can contribute. The films will be shown to the whole community at our closing Festival on the 12th of December. We are very excited about this possibility and hope you will be able to support us.


This project is run by Superact, a Community Arts Company based in Devon that creates bespoke projects to build confidence, increase well-being and social interaction in communities. It is supported by BBC Children in Need, Arts Council England, Exeter City Council, and Get Creative BBC Arts. You can find out more about the project at our website.


All contributors will receive an invitation to our Exe-Arts Festival on December 12th where films will be shown, and art work exhibited!



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