Exciting new series of short novels!

Exciting new series of short novels!

I aim to write a series of short novels,each one being a standalone story within the same world, set in a fantasy-esque version of history.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My aim is to write a unique series of short novels (definitely not short stories), each based around their own central protagonist. All of the books would be set in the same world during the same period, but they would not all be following the same story arc, they would each be their own standalone story.

The inspiration behind this has been the surge in popularity of series television in recent years, and a decline in the popularity of epic long films. People nowadays prefer to watch stories in "bite-sized" chunks, partly because they don't have 3 hours spare to watch a film regularly, and partly because it allows for a lot more world building and character and story development. I want to bring this same principle to books! The problem of having one 1000 page novel, is often that they feature hundreds of characters and locations, without being able to give each of them the time and development they deserve.

I intend to write many individual books, each with their own unique central protagonist, in their own surroundings and living their own adventure. All of the characters will live in the same world, and the same overarching events will be affecting all of them, but they all have their own story to be told. 

One of the best things about creating this "paperback universe" would be that the stories will not only all have their own characters and locations and themes, but they can even be different genres. Some could be mystery novels, some adventure, some thriller, etc... and since each book would be its own standalone story, if people don't like a certain genre then they can skip that book without losing track of the events in the world I will create. 

Now for the most important part I guess, the story itself! 

The books will all be based in a fantasy version of our own medeival history. This is a fantastic time period to write about, it features epic adventures with knights and crusades, political drama as the country began its path towards governance, a time of witch hunters and tax collectors, a huge gulf in class and wealth, and an abundance of brilliant stories to be told. But what if the witch hunts were real, and myths and legends were a thing of reality and not just spoken stories? 

In the world my stories will take place in, a new Queen has inherited the throne and intends to make the land a 'human-only' country. Creatures that were deemed to be too powerful would be treated like animals, such as elves and dragons, and they would be hunted down and imprisoned or killed. Some of the peope were all for this, encouraging or even doing the hunting and killing, while others were completely against it and fought back against the country, nearly causing a civil war. Want to find out more about this world? Please fund my books!