Exciting 2018 and beyond

Raising funds to support my projects throughout 2018 and beyond

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:21pm 16th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:21pm 16th September 2018

I am raising funds to support some exciting projects next year and beyond!

2018 is filled with wonderful opportunities for my work to be develop and prosper in to infinity and beyond.  I am raising funds to help make some of these amazing opportunities become reality as well as to springboard off them to further projects and development.  

Its exciting to announce that we have been awarded a Grants for the Art from Arts Council England and from other institutions to support these projects but I still need raise that little bit. Your support will help buttress salaries to more than 15 artist, costumes, materials, workshops, lectures and some good old thinking! And a lot of dancing!!

More specifically you will be helping me to start a second phase of developing my piece Lads.  We are in the studio researching and teaching new dancers the work to prepare it to be shown at V&A Museum as well as future exhibitions. In September, we will take over Chisenhale Dance Centre to explore further new topics within the work by inviting theorist, practitioners and distinguish artist from the queer community to lead rehearsals, open studio showings, workshops, lectures and discussions to set the work on a path to fully explore the history of masculinity in art. 

I have started a new work called "My Body's Number 1" which is a sculpture work looking at the intersections of greco-roman sculptures on plinths and go-go boys on platforms.  The work looks to explore the performativity of the platform and the homoerotic desire in art history.

In addition to these works being developed I will continue to exhibit my "Untitled Video Portraits" series. Last year the series won first prize in the New Adventures Choreographic Captures Competition and they are distributed to cinemas across Switzerland and Germany. The series will also have an exhibition at the Mount Florida Gallery in Glasgow in late September.

My film "SucculentsTrees&aFlower" has spring boarded an event at Chisenhale Dance Space.  I will be curating a queer hangout event with artist making works that respond to the thought of decor and identity. 

As well as a lot more!

Please support and you will be Helping me in achieving  to make this an exciting year (and  next)!

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Lads, Villa Empain, Brussels, 2017. Dancer:  Christopher Matthews, Erik Nevin. Photo: Thomas Dupal

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