Exchange stuff

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The name of my project will be called: World Central Barter Exchange.

It is an app very easy to use and handy, suitable for all ages and businesses...I want to create it to bring people back to the time when currencies and moneys would not exist yet. This app will be used without the customer having the need of possessing any credit at all.

It will be simply enough to look up on an app research and BOOM...there will appear in front of the user a startled little face...afterwards the user can download it and there we go it's all done...the way one can start is by registering one's details and then go along with the swapping...

Once the user has done that, there will come up some boxes representing various items such as: cars, bicycles, general accessories, motorcycles, jewellery etc etc...after, once the user has chosen the one he/she likes, a photo can be uploaded alongside a detailed description of the item. This will lead to another box where somebody can type the desired item he/she would like to have in exchange for the swapping...all registered users will receive a notification of the items just posted.

On the basis of the request made the user can see if there will be the item requested for the swapping to take place, and most importantly, they will be able to doublecheck the state of the product before accepting the deal. All this can take place via a simple ''yes or no'' option. In case the user should want to change his/her mind, then one can click ''no'' and the whole operation is automatically cancelled. In case there should be a positive reply and is clicked on ''yes'', a notification is then automatically sent to the first user with something written as in this example: kind user, there is a positive reply from John Smith....

In case the first original user should receive more than one positive notification, then he/she will have offered the option to choose with whom to carry on the swapping/bargain, by communicating with one another the products specifications, by sending through more photos to one another etc...etc

Once decided with whom to swap one's item, to the remaining users who later joined the ''contest/swapping'' will be sent a notification that informs them of the negative reply, even though they have the option to counter offer too, for instance by adding something new to the original deal. In this case, the original user will be able to decide whether to choose the counter offer or to reject it instead and then proceed with the first choice...while in case the (original) user decides to proceed with the counter offer, the other user will then receive a ''declined'' notification.

Once the deal has been agreed, the two users who decided to proceed, get in touch to agree on when and how do the swapping. One can possibly wonder if in order to proceed with these type of deal, people need to be next door neighbours or live at a short distance from each other!!!???!!!...all I can say is that it doesn't have to be like that because should two or more people live far away from each other then people will be fre to opt for a delivery company from the same app...

The reason that pushed me to choose this site is because in addition to looking for a fund, I am also looking for people who can develop apps. In case there should be some of you interested in this project or seek for my cooperation in any other, then do not hesitate to contact me via email and I'll be glad to answer to any of your questions...

Thank you very much for your help in advance and hope somebody will help me somehow to finally deliver this project.

Kind regards

Morgan D'Andrea